The PS3 Breeding RPG

So saucy! Japanese developers Idea Factory and RED bring us Record of Agarest War. It may look like a strategy RPG (it is), but there's so much more. You can breed! And breeding means doing it - and what does that mean? Probably not that much.

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razer4059d ago

I smell a huge hit in Japan! All you need is a few guys that look like girls and you have an instant #1.

Omegasyde4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

...this game isn't coming to N. America. Atleast I can export it and play it on an american ps3.

lmao and i thought World of warcraft would be the first with elf porn..

DrWan4059d ago

Definately a PS2 graphic cell shade...this can totally be done on the PS2.

Tsukasah4059d ago

looks like the hentai version of super mario RPG lololol w00t SNES graphics!

hazeblaze4059d ago

Rag on the game all you want... I definitely hope that it comes to NA. If not, I'll import it... it definitely sounds like a unique concept and the gfx/art still looks clean enough to enjoy... it's just like the Disgaea games that came out on the ps2, they weren't pushing the system's gfx but the games were THE funnest rpg's on the system.

Staircase4059d ago

Nice excuse... =P

Just kidding, but it does look very... interesting.

ErcsYou4059d ago

cool...hope it comes with a eyetoy so i can digitally spread my seed

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The story is too old to be commented.