Australia, Don't Hold Your Breath For That HDMI 360

America's getting new, HDMI-equipped Premium 360s, that's confirmed. What about everywhere else, though? Well, first non-US territory to get back to us is, conveniently for me, Australia. The news? In a nutshell, it's not coming anytime soon, Xbox Aus saying:...

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SuperSaiyan43911d ago

Problem solved you will probably end up needing that extra space at some point I reckon...

the_bebop3911d ago

I live in Australia and if Microsoft keep this up in the long then they are going to start loseing consumers.

SuperSaiyan43911d ago

The games console is a games console, for HD gaming all you need is VGA or Component. HDMI is only important if you want upscaling of movies but then you can do that via VGA as well.

As long as the Xbox 360 has games, great online service and arcade games and marketplace the userbase will continue to grow.

I dont think they will lose consumers over a simple thing as a 'HDMI' port lol.

the_bebop3911d ago

I was not refering to the HDMI specifically, perhaps should have stated that I was simply refering to the fact that that microsoft and I would have to say all three companies treat us here in Australia like we are the dog who you give your left over scraped food to.