5 Reasons Why "Next-Gen" Is a Myth & Deceptive

A video gaming blog has written an interesting article giving 5 reasons as to why the "next-gen" concept is a myth and deceptive. Check it out at the link.

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Maddens Raiders4064d ago

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tplarkin74063d ago

This is the only generation that some people (Wii owners) suddenly think we've reached the apex of gaming. They need to play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The've been playing mini party games since the N64.

actionjackson4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

There is always a next gen to the current generation. Ask Intel what they thought of the 8086 processor when they released it? Then what did they say when when the Pentium II and II came out? Then the Core Dou? The difference is that for a game console the most visible difference to consumers is what they can see, the graphics. The majority of gamers (common gamers) do not understand the techical specifications of a console and the components they are made from, which are fairly remarkable for all consoles this generation. However, HD gaming alone is next gen. And yes, when the next round of consoles comes out in 6-8 yeats, at that point they will be next gen. So this writer can talk in circles all he wants, but by proving the opposite of his own point is like painting a bullseye on you head and then shooting at it yourself. Suicide = Respawn 20 seconds.

Real Gambler4063d ago

To me, next gen is when there's a huge leap in technology, which usualy means there's also a huge leap overall for games as well.

So for consoles, each generation was basically from 8 bits cpu to 16 bits, then 64 bits, and finally multiple cores or cell technology.

On top of that, this gen is really the first gen that is bringing HD to our screen. (Sure the original xbox was capable of 720p and 1080i, but was obviously too early and not that great at it).

So with consoles displaying games in 720p and 1080p, with bigger world than ever, and with more smarter ennemies than before, I'm really wondering what the guy smoked before writing this is not next-gen.

If he cannot see a difference between 640X480 (a 300,000 pixels game) and 1920X1080 (today's 2,000,000 pixels game), he should not write any articles. Every gen saw a faster and better processor, but this gen is truly awesome because we just saw a LEAP in graphics, which, after all, is also what's gaming is about...

InMyOpinion4064d ago

Very good read. I'm still waiting for a game that surpasses last gen in more areas then graphics. Gameplay wise, most games still feel the same as last gen. You still have your racing games, your FPS's, your rpgs etc. The only one I can think of would be Oblivion, and that's why I bought my 360 in the first place. If you don't get stuck looking at graphics, the game that is most next gen is actually last gen. Shadow of the Colossus.

InMyOpinion4063d ago

This is as much article as anything. It's more news than all of those polls and blogs I see here regularly. Post your arguments in the comments section instead of acting like retards.

Zhuk4063d ago

Personally I think the most 'Next Gen' console will always be the dreamcast, but it's just the Sega fanboy inside of me........

kewlkat0074063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

so many things "Dreamcast" did first...I loved that console.

So far Everything that's been Next-Gen has been Updated "GRAPHICS".

Nintendo Wii seems to be the Exception.(somehow it still sells, don't ask me why it's just different)

Graphics, graphics, graphics..., really, that's all I've seen, I'm still waiting for a great story and something new thats not all Eye-Candy. Well with new Hardware better graphics is expected, thats why I'm no Graphics whore...

If you look at most "Genres" and look at the same games from Last-Gen to todays "Next-Gen" consoles, what have you noticed, Graphics, Ok more Enemies on screen on some..Especially with games on their 3rd+ rendition.

I'm still waiting for that break-though game, that's not all Graphics. Which new game will be, somewhat equivalent to FFVII?

On another Note, I like articles like these, then FN BLOGs being Posted all over the damn place, with little or no disregard for N4G rules.

Rockstar4063d ago

But the way I see people talk about it makes me wish I had.

Daxx4063d ago


Anything is next gen if it has more capabilities than it's past model. Better graphics, Better sound, Better gameplay is now possible but it's up to the game developers to unleash the potential that is in the consoles.

I mean look at the iPod, it's already in it's 5th generation.

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