PlayStation 3 60GB Hardware, Vertical Stand and Enchanted Arms (PS3) package Sold Out at Futureshop:

Futureshop PS3 package is sold out.

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Bazookajoe_834026d ago

For those who wants it, but good that it is a demanded product =)

Infernus4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

For those worrying about the 80GB PS3 not having Backwards compatability... it has exactly the same BC as the 60GB model does. It just uses integrated software instead of the emotion engine (EE). It'll be exactly the same as the 60GB model in terms of BC so don't worry guys if all the 60 gigs are gone cos you'll still get to play those PS2 games on your PS3 with the 80 gig model!

On the capacity side-note, 60 Gigs is plenty of space for DLC and game saves too. In case you're worried about that you can always buy a cheap external hard-drive just in case...

bootsielon4026d ago inferior on the new model. IT's not the same, it's slightly worse. To me, that's more than enough to have bought the first model in March, so thankfully I won't have the issues future owners will. Unless Sony perfects backwards compatibility of course, but that has yet to happen.

Omegasyde4026d ago

Sony showed progress when they released the firmware that upscaled and smoothed out ps2 games. Granted this was done already on 360, but atleast they made an attempt

IF they were smart enough, Sony would do what Nintendo is doing and re-release all their good ps1 games. They got a quarter of them online already and I am sure RPG's and NFL(?) Blitz would be a hit.

Shaka2K64026d ago

PS3 always wins, and with all this media bias it got, maybe if the media wasnt so cruel and bias to Sony they would have sold 20 million by now.

Tsukasah4026d ago

sony hasnt shipped that many! ....yet >.>

WilliamRLBaker4026d ago

you do understand the 60 gig is sold out I.E its sold out because sony no longer makes the 60 gig, they are phasing it out...this isn't a win for sony right u do know that? this is sony clearing out a system by dropping its price even though they didn't want too but felt they could only phase it out and bolster their user base by doing it...

Tsukasah4026d ago

i put a 250gb SATA in my PS3 =) its great.... 70 bucks too (<3 newegg)

crck4026d ago

But the stand is pretty good. I have one and like it alot.

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