The Best Deal Yet - 80Gb PS3, 5 Blu-Ray Movies, & Motostorm For $450 shows you how to save $350 on the purchase of the new 80Gb PS3, Motorstorm, and 5 Blu-ray movies before September 30th.

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Wow, make something like THAT, for almost two months is just crazy... But, really, the PS3 need a official-like pricecut since the 60GB phase out, cause this deals don't make it to the mass.

xaphanze4061d ago

who wouldnt wanna buy this monster? =D

barom4061d ago

60gb for 350$ is a better deal imo. Btw you'll also get the 5 blu rays with the 60gb.

Mu5afir4061d ago

Awesome idea and great savings for anyone who can qualify.

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The story is too old to be commented.