Square Enix Announces Next PSOne Classic

Ex: Square Enix continues to satisfy old school PSOne fans by digitally reviving the more popular titles in their vault. Thanks to Shinji Hashimoto via the Square Enix Members twitter account, we're happy to reveal the next one.

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Umbrella Corp2848d ago

Hoping for Vagrant Story :(

RankFTW2848d ago

That's already available in EU, just buy it from there if you want it badly.

fatstarr2848d ago

I just thought to my self

Kaz Hirai: Its Riddggeee r.... Its Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeonnn !!

Keith Olbermann2848d ago

cause then you have to pay the europe price and that isnt good because it is nearly double in american dollars. $10 becomes $20. No thanks.


Euro versions are usually the PAL versions and those are significantly slower then NTSC versions AND PAL does NOT work in America. Keep that in mind.

evrfighter2848d ago

lol SE gets alot of flak by the ps3 fanboys. I'm sure they'll get a kick knowing that these fanboys are gonna come crawling back for games.

RedDead2848d ago

euro version either 6 or 7 euro, I bought it a few weeks ago

ExplosionSauce2848d ago

Well PS classics are meant to work on the PS3 and PS3s are not region locked, so anything you download from the store will work. I've downloaded content from the JP store like demos and such, and they work just fine.

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ico922848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Chrono Cross ? i'll do anything to replay that classic

Keith Olbermann2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Would you buy a DS? That might do it.

Nevermind..thinking of chrono Trigger.

lomion52848d ago

You do know you can buy it new from the SE store right? Along with some other good ones.

zeddy2848d ago

i played the crap out of chrono cross. what a classic.

hatchimatchi2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

yea, most of the square psx era rpgs are available online for cheap & brand new.

Also, the ds version of chronotrigger is just a port of the psx version with an optional dungeon. It's cheaper for the psx and it also comes with FFIV.

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God_Of_Epicness2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Oh okay. At least now I know Tweets are considered news. Gaming journalism just got better!

CrAppleton2848d ago

This is pretty awesome! I can't wait to get more of their classics

sashimi2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I still have Xenogears in extremely good condition :)

Myze2848d ago

Yeah, me too, but would still be a nice release for people that don't. Mainly for people that have never played it, but give it a try through PSN. The graphics in the game are semi-2D, so the game has aged a lot better than some of the ps1 games (like FFVII and Vagrant Story, although both amazing games, just have to get used to it if first time playing).

Ascalon942848d ago

my friend was telling me about that game the other day praising it for how good it was. It came out in Japan for PSN in 2008, we might get it eventually

Miraak82 2848d ago

i doubt they would release it ,, it would make people think , i still have my black case copy,, its thae one game I'll never get rid of

EXID2848d ago

they'll release zenogears eventually. no way they hold out on that one.

pinkyxyz2848d ago

parasite eve 1 and 2. end statement

killyourfm2848d ago

It's impossible for Parasite Eve 2 to come to PSN because of licensing issues.

RustInPeace2848d ago

Why? Who owns PE2? Its been so long since I played them I don't remember, but I know Square made them... who owns the rights for it though?

Denethor_II2848d ago

I found a copy of Parasite Eve 2 for three pounds in mint condition, needless to say I was pleased with my self.

Alos882848d ago

I bet Europe won't get this one, not that I'd mind as much as I did with Xenogears...

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