Xbox 360 & PS3 images of Timeshift

Vivendi Games had the very strange idea of releasing two bunchs of TimeShift screenshots, one from the Xbox 360 build and the other from the PS3 build. See if you can find the differences between the two.

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Zhuk4065d ago

they both look pretty good actually, which is nice for everyone

Omegasyde4065d ago

Wii version looks way better bro. I bet its running atleast 90fps.


InMyOpinion4065d ago

Let's hope the PS3 version keeps up with the 360 this time.

jay34065d ago

Different angles? O_o

Systematrix4065d ago

Yeah, they both look about the same to me. Both look great.

Bazookajoe_834065d ago

But it will come out for xbox earlier =/ To bad it doesnt release on both console on same date..

The Karate Kid4065d ago

Difference is the PS3 version is One Disk and 360 Version is 4 Disk lol.

They had to swap disk on the 360 version just to get you all the pictures!!!!!!!!!

BIadestarX4065d ago

I can see another difference...
I can play this game.. with the core for ($279 + Game)... instead of ($499 + game)... and still be able to have achivements, game invites, etc.... some people are dumb enough to pay $230 + just not to switch a disk.... ohh wait.. this game is only in one disk.... crap! you are paying that much money... for nothing!

jay34065d ago

that PS3 games wouldn't fit on a 360 disc so would need multiple discs is stupid.

I don't think any game is going to come out on 360 with multiple discsbut if one did, i wouldn't care how many discs there are, as long as i can play the game.

InMyOpinion4065d ago

At least we'll be playing it without framerate drops and lesser graphics.

popup4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Throws dice,

Community Chest

"You make a predictable comment and add to the flames", goto Start.

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The story is too old to be commented.