Too Human: Roger Sanchez vs. Too Human

As the Cybernetic God Baldur, players are thrust into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind. An ancient machine presence has forced the God's hand. In the first of a three part trilogy, Baldur is charged with defending mankind from an onslaught of monstrous war machines bent on eradication of human life. Players are treated to a nonstop barrage of action powered by the seamless integration of melee and ranged firearms combat. Battles unfold in awesome scale as players engage in spectacular battles with vast numbers of enemies.

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HeartlesskizZ3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Its funny how my boyfriend was talking about the next god of war should be in the galaxy. I guess Microsoft was eardropping and made their own God of war. It stil looks nice but never better then GoW


Why does the main character in this game look just like Dennis Dyack without glasses.

Xeoset3995d ago

This game is going to be better then God of War.

Mark my words.

power of Green 3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

IS this video old or what(Meaning its hella old). This is before they even fixed the game .

SuperSaiyan43995d ago

You should check out the latest trailer that hit the Xbox 360 marketplace is a 600mb file I think buts worth it wow you basically watch the game being played!

God Of War is a very different game to this I wouldnt compare the two.

Anyways another Xbox 360 exclusive on the way cant wait! Its games like this and Mass Effect that truely makes the Xbox 360 the best games console ever.

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