LIVE on LIVE 49.5 - "Episode 100" AKA prize blowout show

XBL Radio hopes you enjoy the festive show and extend to us your feedback. They have about 30 awesome voicemails and messages of support scattered throughout the show as they discuss the past, present and future of XBL Radio. You're invited to find out each hosts most memorable moment of doing the podcast. Hear them explain why they do all this hard work for free. And see what they think the future may hold for XBLR and possible sacrifices that may be unavoidable. It's a frank discussion with six guys doing what they love to do for their fans.

And now for the contests! Please note that these "rules" written below are the official "rules" to enter each of our seven yes seven giveaways. If they stated differently on audio, these below take precedence.

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