DOA X2 Sexy Promotion 2

Sexy Japanese gravure idols, Kana Tsugihara and Natsuki Yoshihara, having fun playing DOA Xtreme 2.

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Systematrix3784d ago

for the girl in the camo bathing suit alone.

AenimaPT3784d ago

Thanks for showing some Kana Tsugihara love. ;)

ParaDise_LosT3783d ago

Has an intresting marketing strategy in japan.....
but then again, how else will you get the japanese to
pay attention to your product if you don't have
half naked chicks to promote it....
kudos MS....brilliant... x)

dachiefsman3783d ago

game where they talking about again?

It was like looking at hypnotoad replaced by big bewbs!!!!

360Crusader3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

The one on the left. Please marry me! lol

AenimaPT3783d ago

Hey, i saw her first. >:( Hehe ;)

SuperSaiyan43783d ago

Those 2 are the hottest Japanese girls ever! Wowsers! Aint never see a front that big on a Japanese girl before!

Shame the DOA games arent as good as the women they keep showing...

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