G4's G-Phoria 2007 Winners Announced!

G-phoria has ended! The results are in! The people have spoken!

One game destroyed everything!

G4's annual videogame awards show decided by the viewers' vote went down like this:

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ironwolf4063d ago

You beat me to the report.

Real Gambler4063d ago

You have to laugh when you see: Best system: xbox 360... If it's so good, why do Microsoft had to stretch the warranty from 3 months, to one year, and then three years, and set 1.1 billion aside to fix the "best" system.

On the other side, I guess I may have to buy Gears of War for my pc afterall... So many xbox fans cannot be wrong : )

JPomper4062d ago

How does extending or changing a system warranty have anything to do with quality of games?

kingofps34063d ago

Never knew G4 Tech TV was run by Xbots.

ironwolf4063d ago

but they are viewer awards. The voting has been open for months. Guess there just aren't enough of your kind around, huh?

I count that as a good thing.

kingofps34063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

"Guess there just aren't enough of your kind around, huh?". Well, actually, there are over 120 million of my kind (PS2 owners). They are too busy with their PS2's to be voting on G4's fake @ss awards, myself included.

BIadestarX4063d ago

hehe... you were hopping that resistance would be the one to win.. right?... does Resistance even have big characters like Marcus... how about Kill Zone?.... Big games are remembered by impression created by the game characters... Masterchief.... Marcus.... Snake.... lynk... mario... Kratos...

kingofps34063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Nope. I even only heard of G-Phoria 2007 today.

Tackle9904063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Wow man, the 360 does well at G -Phoria so you try to spin it off as an xbox ran event? Good job.....

achira4063d ago

bladestar: marcus, wow this character is so amazing and everyone talks about him. /end sarcasm/ . lol wake up, noone knows marcus you moron. only dumb xbots who buy 5 xbox360 only for the sake of improving the sell quote. G4 is a xbot channel, so no wonder they get the awards for the sh!t games.

Captain Tuttle4063d ago

It's all a conspiracy guys! The Xbox repair facility is in Area 51! Sony rules and is being screwed by the media hhhuuuurrr!

HowarthsNJ4063d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Morgan and Adam have PS3's, but they say it's only for their reviews.

If you watch any of the G4 programming you'll know right away that they favor the 360,Wii/DS over the PS formats.

To give you an idea of how disconnected they are from anything Playstation - E3 was the first time Morgan & Adam had ever heard of "Uncharted". And these are supposed to be their best gaming insiders.

They gushed all over that game during their broadcast, but give it time, they'll go back to bashing soon enough.

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razer4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

The 360 cleaned up! Best Console, Best Graphics, Best New Character, etc..

The submitters here are too quick for me I don't think I will ever be able to submit an article.

Staircase4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I really didn't agree with a lot of these. It just seemed like people were voting on games that were on their system. Dead Rising most origional? Zelda and Okami RPGs? Nothing against Gears, it was a kick ass game, but it would have won best RPG game if it had run for it.

Rooftrellen4063d ago

I feel the same way, but of course you'll vote for your system and what's on it.

A poll that asks "who is the best current QB in the NFL? Payton Manning or Tom Brady?" would only get you results on if more people are fans of the Colts or the Patriots, not who people really think the better player is.

The same goes for this. More people who own the 360 voted, so it got most of the awards.

There's nothing wrong with that. It's just not accurate, most likely, compared to if everyone voted, but that would be assuming more than 5% of the world knew this was going on, and more than 5% of them actually cared.

Staircase4063d ago

I totally agree. Great post, have a bubble!

jay34063d ago

Are you trying to say that it's unfair because people who have a 360 purposly voted for 360 games?

I really don't mean to be a pain in the ass fightstarter or anything, i really don't but that's just kinda stupid. It's because all the best games this year (So far) were on 360, therefore, the 360 got most of the games awards.

And Dead Rising as the most original title. What's so hard to believe about that? Could you suggest a more original title?

God, it's times like this where i'm kinda shamed to be getting a PS3 or having a 360. When people make stupid excuses for why the console isn't having a good time. It's because, at the moment. The PS3 kind of sucks. But come September, it will change, then some PS3 titles will be on some list. Then you can be all like "Oh yeah, of course that games on there! It's so original and innovative! Awesome game! Halo Killer for sure"

Will everyone be happy then? I bloody hope so all this "Fanboyism" as it's called is seriously getting to be a pain in my ass. All of it. Not just PS3, not just 360 both. (Wii doesn't really have fanboys)

Staircase4062d ago

In my honest opinion, Okami was most original. I don't think i said anything pro PS3 fanboy at all during that. There were games on the other systems that i think should have won some of them. Hell, they only had like 2 PS3 games.

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COCK4063d ago


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