Speedrunning Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 being completed in under twenty minutes. Worth watching for anyone who has ever played the game or not.

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spammy_nooo4061d ago

first off let me say i cant believe i actually watched it all.

that right there is pretty darn impressive. not sure its news, but its still impressive.

Halonator4061d ago

I can't belive i watched the wole thing either, but seeing hi, use the lava to advance and just going so fast , i was hooked

MACHone4060d ago

I must say, that was pretty amazing.

Brings back some memories, too.

KoonMcKoon4060d ago

Wow wat a load of Bullsh!t, the cheatin bstard may aswell of not bothered.
[email protected]

djt234060d ago

I can't believe i watched video was 21:35
and that game take me a month to beat it

wow wow amazing

Rooftrellen4060d ago

Now I want to see him do it the right way, without the bugs.

I don't mind using lava to go faster, but when you look at shooting through doors and the like, you're cheating.