Confirmed: Ninja Theory Working on New Capcom Game

We're not going to call this a rumor, add a question mark to the headline, or even use the phrase "with a grain of salt." ConsolePress can confirm without a doubt that the talented team at Ninja Theory is working on a new game for Capcom, though what's even more intriguing than the partnership is what they'll be working on.

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dizzleK2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

whatever you do capcom, don't have talented devs like ninja theory reinvent Strider or anything, nooo we need more devil may cry games. /s blech!

edit-after playing heavenly sword and seeing enslaved, strider would be a perfect game for them. just covering my ass before the dmc fanboy onslaught.

DJ2780d ago

A remake of some long lost franchise.

TrevorPhillips2780d ago

Are these the game you have in mind DJ

- Resident Evil 2
- Resident Evil 3
- Dino Crisis
- Onimusha

DelbertGrady2780d ago

If it's any of those I hope it's Onimusha, since I love that series and think it would be the best fit for Ninja Theory.

ZombieAutopsy2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I don't think NT should do a Onimusha game only because the games are based around Japan and it's history so it wouldn't really be right IMO.

Would be interesting if they had them make a Chaos Legion 2 even though I don't think many even know about the first.

mikeslemonade2780d ago

They need Team Ninja instead of Ninja Theory. Ninja Theory is known for making great environments, good story, and slow gameplay which is similair to what capcom does namely in Devil May Cry. Team Ninja would help make a better fighting system which is where DMC is kind of broken.

DJ2780d ago

But it looks like DMC is in the cards. DMC 4 wasn't all that great, and really just felt like the PS2 iterations with better graphics. The size of the environments (and environment interactivity) was exactly the same though. I'm sure Ninja Theory will do wonders with that IP.

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qface642780d ago

no it probably is devil may cry just like those rumors a while back said it would be
i really don't doubt it at this point

just great i guess i can expect the next DMC game to be 2 hours long
i pass!!!

Silly gameAr2780d ago

I do hope it's multiplat though. Less whining from NT and I won't feel bad for buying this game full price like I did Heavenly Sword. Sorry I bought Heavenly Sword Ninja Theory. My bad.

DJ2780d ago

Can you image doing combos against Velociraptors? I'd be down for that.

Game-ur2780d ago

You have to be ancient to remember Strider. Anyway I agree it would be a perfect fit for NT, I'm also optimistic, this is the first time CapCom outsourced development to a proven studio.

ABizzel12780d ago

I thought this said Team Ninja at first. Well they've proved they can make good action games, so my guess is it may be something like Strider, Onimusha, etc. I would Love a new Strider a good ninja game has been hard to find this gen (Ninja Gaiden Sigma's have been the only ones).

Foxgod2780d ago

Onimusha is based around history?
Its pure fiction with a feudal japanese background.
What is Ninja theory currently working on?
Exactly, a game with a feudal chinese background (journey to the west).

Ninja theory would be perfect for Onimusha.

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RockmanII72780d ago

The game won't come out until 2012 at the earliest, so I'll start caring then. But if true, that means that Enslaved will not have a sequel no matter how good it is.

hot4play2780d ago

It could be Devil May Cry, Strider, or Onimusha...well, those are logical choices anyway.

Dino Crisis would be totally unexpected and cool... :0

TrevorPhillips2780d ago

Is there a button where I can agree more than a million times with the guy above :)

Leonesaurus2780d ago

OMG.... O___O Mark my words HERE and NOW... If they ever announce a new Dino Crisis game, for the first time in nearly 10 years, I swear to f-ing God I'm going to rip my clothes off, put on a sombrero, and ride a donkey into town like one of the three amigos, while swinging my cock up in the air like an f-ing lasso!!!!!! Yeah.... XD

With that insanity of joy being said, I would also LOVE to see the next Devil May Cry game VERY much as well!! My friend would agree with me 100% on that last one.

yewles12780d ago

Keep the AWAY from DMC and Onimusha. Just give'em Strider.

ZombieAutopsy2780d ago

Damn these guys have 2 different publishers already this gen and now a 3rd, gotta say though i can't fvcking wait and i hope its DMC as i just bought HS and it's been one hell of a game and DMC seems like it'll fit their style.

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