IGN: TimeShift - Exclusive Russian Studio Tour - 3 New Videos and Screens

You probably all know the history of TimeShift, but here's a brief recap. Since the game's first prototype in 2003, it has moved platforms (from PC and Xbox to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3), changed publishers (from Atari to Sierra) and has undergone a major redesign. In fact, TimeShift was only seven bugs away from shipping when Sierra asked the team what they'd be able to do if they were given another year to work on the game. The result is a radically different game in many ways, thanks to a complete visual overhaul that puts it on par with just about any other shooter out there, an all-new script, new and redesigned levels, and a whole lot more. During the redesign period, the team at Saber grew 50% to 75 people, and the end is now - once again - in sight. Thankfully, despite all the changes, the team has stayed focused, and the end result is shaping up to be a rock solid single player shooter and one of the best multiplayer offerings of the year.

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power of Green 4066d ago

Looks downgraded fucin PS3 in mind again.

DEADEND4066d ago

If this game gets good ratings i'll get it for the PS3, damn when i think about it i wont get anything for my 360 this besides HALO3 oh well lol.