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Submitted by Bojeeva 2013d ago | preview

Dead Rising vs Dead Rising 2 - comparison

A lot has changed since Dead Rising’s first outing on the 360 way back in 2006. The locale is new, our protagonist is a little more rugged and the exclusivity that Microsoft once lauded has disappeared. Dead Rising 2 is soon to hit our screens...Megabits of Gaming looks at how the two games compare... (Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

dizzleK  +   2012d ago
it still has the time limits and awful structure of the first game?

it has now gone from day 1 purchase to being gamefly fodder.

edit-the saves didn't bother me, it was the fact that you couldn't explore. sorry if i don't find feeling limited and rushed fun.
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DelbertGrady  +   2012d ago
I hated that aspect as well. You were forced to rush through the game. If they keep that and don't add a 'free mode' option they are f*cking retarded.

I don't get why people disagree with your statement. That's what kept the first game from becoming truly great. That and Otis...
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Krimmson  +   2012d ago
"Hey, that was rude of you to hang up on me!"

Fuck you Otis! A fucking zombie bit my shin you headfuck! Stop trying to tell me that I can go to the playground section here!
Perjoss  +   2012d ago
this is a bit wrong, you were never forced to do anything in dead rising! in fact one of the many endings is for (**minor spoiler ahead**) just sitting in the security office and doing nothing. If you only play the main story parts and never try to rescue any optional survivors you actually have tons of free time to explore.
DuneBuggy  +   2012d ago
Part of me wishes it was more like other sandbox games and the "clock" doesnt start ticking untill you start the mission.But what I did with Dead Rising was goof off,have fun,do some missions,etc and build up experience since it carried over. Did that quite a few times. By the time I did my "final" playthrough,i knew who to save,how much time I had,already had a experienced player from the start making getting back up to speed easy...etc
So it kind of worked for me.

If you kill the clown and have the right literature on hand, you can really do some damage quickly without a ton of worries.....
DR2 looks like a day one purchase for me so far.
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cemelc  +   2012d ago
To me the most game breaking deal with the game was the plot. Im not expecting a oscar winning script from a zombie game (except Re 2 and 3), but damn thats got to be one of the worst plot in game history.

The time thing kinda gets on the nerves at some point got to agree with that
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tplarkin7  +   2012d ago
You should be able to walk around at your own pace. Maybe there will be a "New Game+" mode where they will remove that restriction.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2012d ago
"Sadly the game save frustrations from the original have apparently not completely been addressed, and exploration still appears restricted by missions and strict time limits like those in the first game"
That bites.

Still looking forward to it. I like the weapon customization aspect.
N4PS3Fanboys  +   2012d ago
The time constraints were the worst part of the first game, and made me not want to play it.
Danja  +   2012d ago
The save feature was just as bad
BuIIetproofish_  +   2012d ago
The first game was so tedious, but I still enjoyed it. This is the third game to get for me.
jay2  +   2012d ago
I'm loving DR 2, really loved DR.
Skadoosh  +   2012d ago
Very excited for this one. The first Dead Rising is one of my favorite games of all time. But I'm a huge fan of George A. Romero so the first one was right up my alley.
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Kakihara  +   2012d ago
I must be the only person who actually liked the time limit, if you go through the thing not trying to save every single survivor (which would be akin to trying to ace any other game first time round) and just enjoy it I think you have plenty of time.

The thing I hated about Dead rising which they haven't changed is the Capcom style of it. I hate the arcadey Street fighter feel with '10pts' popping up from a zombie's head when they're killed and so on. I'd give my right ball for a game similar to Dead rising but with a grittier old George Romero feel and it pisses me off that we get every other kind of wacky twist on a zombie game except that one.

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