1UP Preview: Civilization V Might Already Be The Best Strategy Game Not Called StarCraft 2

1UP writes: "Civilization IV is one heck of an act to follow. Designer Soren Johnson already looked at the work that Sid Meier, Brian Reynolds, and Jeff Briggs did for previous titles, and he pushed, pulled, added, removed, reshaped, and refined Civ until it became not just a new installment in the franchise, but in many ways, the definitive Civ. Sure, you can easily say that each Civilization title is fantastic and addictive, but Civ IV essentially became the peak of the series. You can almost feel that development studio Firaxis had a sort of "Wow, it's going to be hard to improve on Johnson's work, so let's make the next Civ game something different" type of feeling, and so followed up Civ IV (and its expansions) with Civilization Revolution, which took the series into a more casual boardgame-style direction."

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