Don't Buy This Sh*t: Final Fantasy XIII

3xG says: "In this recent episode of "Don't Buy This Sh*t", "the7thlevl" looks at Final Fantasy XIII. With points bang on point and interesting observations about this latest Final Fantasy edition this video is worth a look."

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theonlylolking2970d ago

FF13 was the first final fantasy I bought and actually played and I like it.

N4GAddict2970d ago

It was a disappointment for me.

blitz06232970d ago

It was a disappointment, but if it wasn't a Final Fantasy game it would have been a great game to me

rockleex2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Because its true!

I think the only people who haven't played Final Fantasy before.

Or they're the HARDCORE FF fans that will accept anything Square Enix throws at them as long as its name is Final Fantasy.

Bigpappy2970d ago

Most people who wanted FF13 already bought it. I didn't buy it because I gave up on FF years ago. I don't fault people who still love this type of gameplay and story telling. I personally gave up after not finishing Vii.

ExplosionSauce2970d ago

And I gotta say, that was not a FF game. It was something else. Something that wasn't as good as all the other FF games I've played.

tinybigman2970d ago

And I don't care if people agree or disagree. I judt don't put in over 100 hrs into a game for my health.

pustulio2970d ago

I don't care what people think or say i liked it and it was the 3rd FF i played.

bakasora2970d ago

it was a disappointment for me. they do away all the things that made final fantasy a final fantasy. im gonna condemn square enix a while for destroying my final fantasy. maybe until ffv13 comes out and it dont suck.

PS3Freak2970d ago

I have been enjoying the game for a while now. I'm on the last chapter. It was a good game, deffinetly not up there with the best Final Fantasys, but a good game nonetheless.

rockleex2970d ago

The only people who like this game are people who've never played good JRPGs before.

Heck, they probably haven't even played any good WRPG either!

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UnSelf2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Versus is gonna be the 1st one i ever buy.

even though i had FFX-II but so much was goin on i couldnt even watch my characters perform their moves cuz i had to keep assigning the moves and ish.

i hope all JRPGS arent like that

EDIT: oh yea i bought VII and stopped playin it and deleted it from my HDD cuz i got stuck inside some tall ass building

ClownBelt2970d ago

You just picked the worst FF game in the series. FF 12 was garbage.

user8586212970d ago

Give FF4 a try, really great story, miles ahead of 13 and 7 and yet it came out years before

UnSelf2970d ago

no not 12 10-2

i remember when 12 was coming out and i remember really wanting it becuz it wasnt Turn Based

but my ideal JRPG from what little i kno of em is something like Golden Sun on the DS.

i saw someone playin it and it had these over the top spells u can summon.

i dnt see the big deal with 7, all i was able to do is slash wit Cloud, punch wit Tifa, and shoot wit Black Gun Jack.

Wheres the over-the-top stuff?!?!

morganfell2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I agree lol_king. I played it for what it was instead of comparing it ad nauseum. So it wasn't like the past titles. I still enjoyed it and instead of caterwauling non-stop I got my money's worth.

There should be a second article about called "Don't read this sh*t!"

edoman202970d ago

after the little dissapiontment of XII the XIII is really good, MUCH more dynamic like the X

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Mista T2970d ago

hmmm, I've never played a Final Fantasy before, should I get it?

Colonel-Killzone2970d ago

I say its worth it. Its only 40 dollars at most retailers and its about 100 hours or so depending on whether you wanna get the platinum. It has incredible replay value.

rockleex2970d ago

Such as battling for hours on end with NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

The good thing is that once you reach Gran Pulse, you can now do side missions.

No, I wouldn't even call them side missions. They're actually side-battles.

Basically if you like RPGs, exploration, quests, NPCs, hidden events/places, etc... YOU WON'T LIKE FFXIII!!!!

edoman202970d ago


if you like the endless grind of the generic jrpg you wont like FFXIII


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silkrevolver2970d ago

...if you’re just starting out, try VII, VI or X... those ones tend to get people hooked.

frjoethesecond2970d ago

They would have in their day but there too old now for a new gamer to appreciate. It'll always come back to outdated graphics.

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darthawesome902970d ago

I agree but you should add IV and VI to that list

DigitalAnalog2970d ago

There are Final Fantasy games on the PSN store. I'd rather you play them first before considering purchasing this mess.

-End statement

Sigh2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Man I still have to finish this game. Put it on hold cause I'm still playing old games like Dead Space in time for part 2. Surely will go back to it soon after.

BlueEye2970d ago

Yeah me too, i got it along with Ratchet and Clank: Future the first game last april while buying my ps3, i still havent finished it (despite liking this game a lot) cause im so busy buying a whole lot of other games i have been missing out on or am afraid i will. Gotta finish it when i get home.

rambler2970d ago

Woah. Its jrpg bashing day today.

SKUD2970d ago

Anything to take away from the FPS bashing. Thats an all year thing.

UnSelf2970d ago

au contraire, FPS' are ruining this generation of gaming

TheBatman_Fanatic2970d ago

There are way too many FPS's this generation. Not enough diversity in the genere's.

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