NPD: 30% of xbox 360 owners aware of Hd Graphics, 40% of PS3 owners aware of Blu-ray player

Microsoft and Sony have both been pushing high-definition visuals this generation, but do people care? So far, the hardcore have been the early adopters of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, while the mass market waits for the right games (i.e. Grand Theft Auto IV) and price drops to make this generation financially viable. Naturally, then, you might assume gamers with machines now are aware of their HD capabilities, right?

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BaMYouRDeaD4030d ago

40% of PS3 owners are aware of Blu-ray player? People must be really stupid these days. Theres a big fat Blu-ray logo on the front of the box, and one on the front and back of each game. There's a Blu-ray logo anywhere that has anything to do with a PS3.

Not knowing theres HD in a Xbox 360 or PS3 is understandable. But Blu-ray? That's just silly. Some may not use the Blu-ray functionality, but not knowing it's there is really dumb.

bootsielon4030d ago

...but you never noticed until several years later? Like at work, classroom, neighborhood, or whatever.

Well, that's the case with the casuals. The thing is, they don't care about the logo, they just bought "the next playstation".

Yes, there ARE casuals with a PS3. After all, casual doesn't mean "poor", it just means "games sometimes". It also means that they were looking for the next playstation, regardless of anything.

JsonHenry4030d ago

I just don't think these figures are accurate.

Anything but Cute4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Not to long ago, I didn't really understand the true meaning of High Defition myself. I had an XBOX 360 and I would play it on a regular TV, I knew they were HD consoles but I thought a TV was a TV and sure maybe it looks slightly better in High Defintion, sorta like DVD is better than VHS. If it wasn't because I'm such a hardcore PS3 fan, that when the PS3 came out and I heard it had the best graphics and Blu ray and all that, I began to pay attention and learned how important High Definition really is. Now I know what HDMI is and what Component cables are. I know 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. All because I was a hardcore gamer and wanted the absolute best for my PS3. But it was like a real transformation. I went from not caring to suddenly the difference between 1080i and 1080p was the most important thing in the world. That kind of interest was what educated me.

So I'm not surprised that only 30 percent of XBOX 360 owners are aware of High Defintion. It's kinda sad really, the majority of people are playing PS3 and XBOX 360 on regular TV's, when they paid $400 or $500 for their console. No wonder the Wii is making a killing.

Real Gambler4030d ago

Keep in mind, it's about Next-gen consoles, but the PSP and NDS is included...

Greatest stats: "As for DS users and likely purchasers, 57 percent are aware there is a touch-screen, 53 percent know about the dual-screen, and 49 percent are aware of stylus function."

So people own a Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS) and 47% are not aware there's two screen on it... 43% are not awere it's touch screen, and 51% are not aware there's a stylus function...

How credible is that...

The way I look at it, the headline says owners, but the survey was mainly people who DO NOT OWN any of these systems, but are likely purchasers... So when they call a 6 years old boy about if he would buy a PS3, kid likely said yes. When asked about HD, kid probably said I want a PS3, when they asked about bluray, kid probably said "did I won a PS3?"

Mu5afir4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Only 53% of people who buy a DS know it has dual screen. I mean, how the hell does roughly 1:2 people know the system has two screens? Are they blind? These surveys are NOT a good indication of anything.. let alone human intelligence.

snoop_dizzle4030d ago

really as i said a few days ago in another story one of my freinds has a PS3 and a nice HD set and he uses composite video.

I told him he was crazy. Itys almost like putting cheap rims on a Ferrari(bad analogy but go with it).

He said he might pick an hdmi cable up though.

But yeah i can see people being quite oblivious about this.

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Loudninja4030d ago

I mean its right on the box like you said.I mean how can people be so blind?

Xbox 360 Will4030d ago

30% of 360 owners know about its HD Capablilities and about 30% of those 30% have defective consoles so that number drops drastically so that explains the small percentage of confused 360 fans that think the 360 has better graphics then the PS3. And only 40% of PS3 owners know about Blu-ray yet it still trounces HD DVD on a daily basis just imagine what it would do if that 40% were say 80%!

AngryTypingGuy4029d ago

The 360 has equal or better graphics when compared to the PS3. So far games have both looked and run better on the 360.

I hope PS3 fans aren't holding their breath for a game that will come out and make everyone say that there's no way the 360 can produce those kind of graphics. That day won't come.

Throughout the generation, the graphics will look similar on both consoles.

heavymetal3k4030d ago

I cant believe people dont know sh*t about something they spent hundreds of dollars on.

MACHone4030d ago

I work at a game store and trust me, there's a lot of dangerously uninformed consumers out there. I still get asked by parents when they're going to make a Mario game for the 360....

BaMYouRDeaD4030d ago

Exactly. Which is why many clueless people refer to the 360 and PS3 as "game boxes", and why they criticize their high prices with statements like: "$500 for a game box? That's absurd".

True, their primary purpose is for games, but they can do so much more. And this extra functionality is what consumers need to be educated about.

Godoftheweek4030d ago

It was worse than that when I worked for Gamestop. Until I figured out that it was useless trying to REASON with the average American consumer...I would get in these discussions with them. Here is an example, a lady walks in and asks if I have Mario for the Playstation, I tell her that Mario is a 1st party game and that Nintendo would never allow a Mario game on the Playstation. She frowns, her face reddens and she replies to me..."look sir, I know that the Mario game is on the Playstation so why do you have to lie to me?" I would again tell her that it is a Nintendo only game and she would get even madder and reply..."Look, I just saw it at Target, if you do not want my business just say so." So, I figured out that the best thing to do when I was confronted by such ignorance was to tell them that we were sold out or that we do not carry that game. Worked like a charm.

Phantom_Lee4030d ago

man...I hate stupid people...