Cool PlayStation Portable 2 Trailer Released

A PSP2 fan-made trailer has hit the web, and it looks pretty cool.

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lalalala2875d ago

Embed doesn't seem to work for me but if I click it, then i can watch it and it's pretty good.

Christopher2875d ago

Some very flawed design elements with that one. But, would be neat to see if they come up with something with some of the ideas there.

Those dual analog buttons look like they'll break off like nobody's business is the first thing I thought, though.

Ilikegames762875d ago

the screen would be made of Gorilla Glass to make it tough and almost unbreakable.

TrevorPhillips2875d ago

That's one sick ass PSP2 :)

Great job on the video

FarEastOrient2875d ago

What's with the disagrees it's a fan made trailer?

gtsentry2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@FarEastOrient....lmaoooo true

sxpacks2875d ago

1) Needs smaller screen to save battery life and be portable
2) Needs Front and rear facing camera - invizimals and other playstation eye compatible games
3) Needs built in GPS - phototagging and multi player on the go
4) Needs SIM card slot - Phone calling only supported through bluetooth headset. No need to re-live the days of N-gage
5) HDMI output port - Phones can do it, This should be no different
6) Memory stick pro Slot - Would prefer an SD slot, but this is a sony product
7) Bigger buttons - Those buttons and nubs look waay too small
8) Needs same buttons as DS3 so games you buy in PS store can port to PSP 2
9) SECURITY!!! - Pirating games if fun, but that's preventing trophy support
10) Needs MSpro type cartridge instead of UMD - less battery power, quicker access

silvacrest2875d ago

"Phone calling only supported through bluetooth headset. No need to re-live the days of N-gage"

i disagree, what if i lose my bluetooth or leave at home, im screwed, if the dell streak can pull it off so can this

micro SD card support is standard in all smartphones except iphone, the PSP2 should support it

the overall design would be to hard to hold while playing and yeah, the buttons are to small and screen to big

sxpacks2875d ago

i disagree, what if i lose my bluetooth or leave at home, im screwed, if the dell streak can pull it off so can this
<RE> You have to resort to text. Built in microphone and built in speakers are soo terrible that it's not even worth using.

micro SD is not a standard. It's a IP that needs to be paid for. Plus Sony owns the rival format to SD. They will not pay their rival.

silvacrest2874d ago

i meant standard in the sense that most smartphones have them, even the latest sony smartphones do, the x1, x2, x10 and x10 mini use them

also, i would rather look silly using the the built in speakers then be forced to use bluetooth or text

choice is better even if you personally wont use it

Godmars2902875d ago

Other actual tablets sure. But its not a handheld.

TrevorPhillips2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

What do you mean too big, it's a perfect size. The only tiny problem I find with the PSP2 is the joysticks being too close to the dpad and buttons.

It'll obviously be better then the DS since it's newer.

Nitrowolf22875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

way to big, Sony would never do this, PSP is ment to be able to go into your pocket i don't see why 2 would be any different, the joystick are just way to far apart, its just going to feel weird since your fingers aren't wrapping around like a controller or other handhelds, just lay flat n the back surface.
Tough screen i would like, but make the psp2 thesame or a little bigger then psp, psps was the perfect size i have to say, touch screen just give it a pen or stylus, or don't even do a touch screen. Bigger like this is not the way to go

Non_sequitur2875d ago

If they want to make it big as a tablet the must offer better support than the PSP currently has.

xHarvey2875d ago

I agree, I think it's to big. The PSP2 should able to fit in my pocket. I'll feel awkward going outside with a iPad sized PSP. Good thing this is fan made.

FarEastOrient2875d ago

There is a reason why it's called a tablet, they are supposed to be big. Now that didn't stop the iPad passing the 2 million mark after launch.

Game-ur2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

A bigger PSP would be a better EBook reader and internet browser, which I think they are aiming for, and I personally like the bigger screen.

I think they should release 2 models, a tablet and a portable, like the Apple IPad and IPod.

Some ideas:
-The touch screen should eliminate the need of another analog
-An option to view the image on the TV, streaming or thru wire
-The start screen should resemble the Sony Dash

pedrami912875d ago

Nothing like ive imagined, and i dont know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

BannedForNineYears2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

It's fan made. -_-

And it's way too big compared to the D-pad/Face buttons/Analog sticks.

I would rather have big buttons than a big screen. >_>
But again, it's fake.
So it doesn't matter :P

pedrami912875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

But for being fan made, it seems the maker of this ran out of imagination. It looks way too simple.

Fishy Fingers2875d ago

What gave you that idea?

I read "fan-made trailer" and figured this was official. Thanks for the heads-up.

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