Stunning New Halo 3 Scans - Master Chief Like Never Before

Here are some newly acquired Halo 3 scan. These scans show master chief like never before in some new postures. The scans speak for themselves, explaining them would be a waste of time and talk is cheap...

Hit jump to check them all out.

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Chexd3664d ago

"These scans show master chief like never before in some new postures"

wasnt too sure what to expect understandbly but lukily Master Chief still has some dignity.

im am now officially ill with excitement!


Not clinically proven

Sangheili853664d ago

How many times are different sites going to post the same pictures with great headlines. I've seen theses pictures and i'm sure alot of people have. I really want some high resolution pictures. Hm well guess we have 2months left. It still looks great though!

TheSadTruth3664d ago

Agreed, it's pretty annoying seeing "NEW HALO 3 SCANS" and it turns out it's a bunch of old sh** that I've seen before..

killercam193664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

LAME the only good pic was the first one the rest were repeats or blurry