EAT THEM! Preview of new PSN title

Giant tongue-faced blue lizard with cybernetic missile launcher attachments stomps through a city destroying everything in its path!

If that headline grabs your attention then you might be interested in “EAT THEM!” a new PSN title due to land on the PS3 this October. While the premise sounds pretty fun the juddering frame rate and sparse levels left me thinking that this game needs a lot of work if its going to make the grade. Check out the video to see EAT THEM! in action and hear my thoughts on the game.

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Godmars2902668d ago

Looks good, but I'd still rater see a new War of the Monsters with multiplayer and a map editor.

OtherWhiteMeat2668d ago

A new War of the Monsters would be great.Hell, I'd even settle for a remastered in high def. version of the original.

emk20042668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

sony really needs to revive that game was one of the best multiplayer games on ps2 and very underrated. eat them does remind me of it and rampage should be interesting game. also a map editor would be bad @ss

Nicaragua2668d ago

I like the big monster idea but there dosnt look like there is much to do, smashing buildings up dosnt look particularly challenging.

Maybe if there were some enemy monsters or something.

iiprotocolii2668d ago

The title makes me hungry, actually. But the game definitely looks entertaining - gives me, for some reason, a nostalgic feeling of playing Rampage on the NES back in the day; except this is in 3D. Looking forward to seeing this title in person.

Games4M - Rob2668d ago

Yeah Rampage was awesome. Never played it on the NES but the arcade game was brilliant when you had all 3 players on.

Tbh im not even sure what the objective was in EAT THEM, im guessing it will be something like destroy X amount of stuff in Y amount of time.

thevokillist2668d ago

It does have that Rampage vibe, just going around a destroying everything in sight.

Hitman07692668d ago

Eat them all up mwuhahahah! This game came out of nowhere and looks pretty cool!

dkblackhawk502668d ago

I would like to eat something up! /sarcasm . None the less, the game does look good.

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