Microsoft Confirms HDMI Port on X360 Premium Model, Not Core (Updated)

A Shacknews community member has reported finding an HDMI port on his recently purchased Xbox 360 premium console, which Microsoft discounted in price to $349.99 starting today.

The HDMI output was introduced as a feature of the black Xbox 360 Elite this spring, but Microsoft made no mention of including the feature in upcoming iterations of the premium or core Xbox 360 SKUs. An image of the HDMI-enabled console provided a manufacturing date of July 4, 2007.


Microsoft has confirmed the addition of HDMI ports to all newly manufactured Xbox 360 premium consoles. "Yes, we are offering an HDMI port for Xbox 360 simply as another choice in Xbox 360 owners games and entertainment experience," a Microsoft rep told Shacknews in an e-mailed statement. "Retailers are gradually introducing HDMI-enabled Xbox 360s into the channel to meet demand."

Regarding the possibility of an HDMI output on the $279.99 SKU, the Microsoft rep said, "We have not announced any plans to add HDMI to the Xbox 360 Core System." Microsoft would not reveal whether any other additions had been made to newly available Xbox 360 models, such as the inclusion of a 65nm process. "We are constantly updating the console?s more than 1700 internal components and therefore will not comment on details of specific components or manufacturing processes," he said.

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TnS4029d ago

Looks like the first evidence of the previous rumor

risk4029d ago

this should've been standard on every 360. i think microsoft came a bit late with this.

MikeGdaGod4029d ago

hate to sound like a fanboy but f*ck it.....MS kept sayin how HDMI and HDD wasn't neccessary.........they're full of sh!t

i feel like an idiot buyin my 360 so early in its lifecycle. i knew they would add extra features but damn! they're obviously lookin at the ps3 and know sony had the right idea the whole time.

u people that kiss MS's @ss can't say that it doesn't piss you off just a lil bit that they keep trying to make the 360 just like the ps3. everybody that has a 360 that isn't an Elite just got sh!tted on. and i'm one of them.

sorry about my language but this pisses me off. im gonna let my cousin keep my 360. im not investing anymore money into that system.

fenderputty4029d ago

People who bought the elite got shafted too. That was the main reason for getting an elite other then the hard drive space. Now ... they lower the price and offer HDMI in the premium package. O well ....

Keyser4029d ago

Unfortunately, MS is Sony's Stan. They are a fan that wants to be like Sony when they grow up. They really got to work on getting their own identity. I thought they were doing good with Live but I guess they are running out of ideas.

If they were two kids in class taking a test MS would be called out for rubber necking on Sony's paper.

xhi44028d ago

Okay...are u serious? I was like one of the first to buy my xbox 360. At least my ps3 isnt ripping me off...its got awesome value. Im just gonna have to smash my 360 to bits. Then get a free replacement. Yay....hopefully with the new crap. Damn microsoft.....lying sunavabit***

oh and sony havent introduced rumble. Theyve denied any existence of rumble. And the reason why they didnt introduce it was because of the lawsuit. Not because they tried to cut costs and cheapskate the first buyers *cough cough microsoft* angry.

nasim4028d ago

thts right

the new x360 ports will only support upto HDMI 1.2

ps3 is the only next gen DEVICE that supports new HDMI 1.3 that can stream data 2x as much as HDMI 1.2

MADGameR4028d ago

Thats pretty sad. NOW who's copying who 360 fanatics?! LOL

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ben hates you4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

anyone know when they'll hit the stores?

i'm tempted to get a core swap harddrive so i can have a 65nm cpu/gpu, and hdmi

and then something i can mod

maverick4434029d ago

I wonder when the 65nm chip is going to hit

SKullDugger4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I've read they are suppose to be in the new consoles with the HDMI, it would make sense for MS to cut the warranty costs and mfg costs with one board with 65nm chip sets and HDMI and there are suppose to come with the 2nd heatsink also this would mean one main board for all 3 sku's.


Supposedly, the 65nm chips are already in current production....

supaet4029d ago

how do you know this is not the 65 nm? no body knows unless some one take it apart...

ben hates you4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

if the i think 5 or forth number to the last is past seven it has it


Imknow14029d ago

It was reported that the new systems with hdmi would have the 65nm chips.

I Make Stuff Up4029d ago

When MS said we dont need hdmi they were kidding to make sony relax.
look what sony did...hdmi version 1.3
now ms can bring this out and its new version 2.0 baby.
360 is da BEAST.

aaquib24029d ago

Yeah, but 360 uses hdmi 1.2.

Microsoft: "20gb hard drive is more than enough space to store your game saves, a couple of demos, a movie, and tons of arcade titles. We don't see a need for extra space."

Soon, they release a 120gb HDD

Microsoft: "1080p is not needed in this generation. 720p is the sweet spot and the only resolution we plan to support."

Soon, they release the Fall update with 1080p

Microsoft: "HDMI is not needed because we can display an image just as good through VGA or component."

Soon, they release all consoles with HDMI.

Don't you hate being lied to?

razer4029d ago


"Rumble is Last-gen"

..Rumble is now in the hands of developers..

Don't YOU hate being lied too you waste of skin..

okcomputer4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Its not really lying, its just improving their product to suit user demand. I think the real question is "do you like companies adding new content that people request?"

and btw was sony "lying" when they said controller feedback wasn't next gen, and are now developing a controller w/feedback?

EDIT - lol beat me to it razer

Lumbo4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

ERm, actually they said that the new controllers that are now in dev's hands have NO rumble, stop making stuff up please.

Bombomb4029d ago

I'm still waiting for "Every game in 1080P" and "4D graphics" least Ps3 will now have rumble...opps that was last gen, I forgot.

Hardware features are added when the market demands it. If MS is going to be "IPtving" then it makes sense to add HDMI.
Or you can add it early, and have the hardware cost a lot of dough.
Apparently thats the price you pay for being an early adopter.

Hey these days you can get a Toyota

Camry LE
Camry SE
Camry XLE
Camry Hybrid

Different strokes for different folks, as long as the car gets you from point a-b, then it's doing, what it's suppose to do, as all models.

BubblesDAVERAGE4029d ago

PS3= HDMI 1.3 Xbox 360+ HDMI 1.2..were in the next gen while you guys still have dvd 9 and we have blu ray...NEXT GEN GUYS DONT YOU LOVE IT...also rumble is last gen...touch sense is not

Tempo4029d ago

u forgot 1080P @ 120 F/s

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