FF VII's Tifa is the Cosplay Babe of the Week

Jon Lynch: "When it comes to memorable characters that stand out as much for their appearance as they do for the part they play in a game, the Final Fantasy franchise has plenty. The one game that stands out in the series the most has been Final Fantasy VII for several years now."

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vgn242969d ago

Still the hottest character in the series and maybe all of gaming. Doesn't hurt she's Playstation exclusive, lol.

insomnium2969d ago

Looks at link --> "ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND

Oops! Looks like the page you're looking for was moved or never existed.
Make sure you typed the correct URL or followed a valid link."

That's your favourite?

charlescox42969d ago

Damnit. WHY!?!?! Why would you do that?

CryofSilence2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Your serious one is too photoshopped for my tastes.

Army_of_Darkness2969d ago

Wohahaha! does it sting your eyes?!

@cryofsilence.... damn, I coudn't really tell if it was photoshopped?! picture wasn't that clear for me.

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Trey4Lyfe2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

But much to your chagrin the PC version ss considered the inferior version. FF-VII will never see the light of day on the XBOX.

Also Half-Life is overrated :-)

Arnon2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Care to stay on topic next time... or better yet, write your comment in English so I can actually give an accurate reply? The only thing I was able to decipher from that was "Half-Life is overrated", which the majority disagrees with. Also, XBOX was another thing that was not as... encrypted, even though it had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

Hurray for PS3 fantards.

wicko2968d ago

Inferior? PC version has mods. You can *make* it superior.

2968d ago
shadow27972968d ago

I just want to ask Arnon why he thought Trey4Lyfe's post was unreadable. The only spelling mistake I see is "ss" instead of "is". I mean, sure, there's a few commas missing, but is that all it takes to berate someone's typing nowadays?

Granted, it wasn't the most intellectually stimulating post, but the typing itself was perfectly acceptable for internet communication. I understand that you were going for an insult, but it seems like you were reaching a bit to me. I think it would have been easier to just reply civilly.

Okay, I'm done criticizing a criticizer. Now it's time for someone to criticize me! Keep the train going!

guzman2968d ago Show
wicko2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Mods makes you hate PC gaming? That makes absolutely no sense. Mods can improve the game or add new content, or whatever you want. Even if you don't like changing the games, they are optional so they do absolutely nothing to you if you don't use them.. so how can you hate them?


Sorry but wrong. You may think its overrated, that's fine, whatever. But dogshit? You haven't the slightest clue about good game design. I think the Halo series and COD series are overrated, but I know there is some great design in both games that keeps players coming back.

Half Life 2 isn't your style of game, just say that, then you won't embarrass yourself with comments like that.

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GunShotEddy2969d ago

Square knew what they were doing.

VG_Releaser2969d ago

I'll take Beatrix from 9 over tifa.

Capt-FuzzyPants2968d ago

I think Garnet was better than Beatrix.

jphelps802969d ago

Come on. What's so hard about putting on a mini skirt and white tank top? Oh ny, I forgot the red gloves.

charlescox42969d ago

But it takes a lot more than just "a mini-skirt and tank top" to pull off looking like Tifa. I'm gonna wager you're jealous?

TheFaggot_2969d ago

Agreed, plus if you want to look like Tifa you need huge boobs.

skip2mylou2968d ago

okay lets see you do one. o wait nvm scratch that i dont want to see a fat grown man cosplaying

koehler832969d ago

Lacking the jugs to pull it off.

GunShotEddy2969d ago

She doesn't have the waist of Tifa, but I am digging her

Umbrella Corp2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Shes too fat for my Buster sword sorry,I enjoy the slim big titted asian girls who cosplay Tifa

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