Nintendo talks Wii Party Evites

Instead of going out to the local sin parlor and imbibing tumbler after tumbler of sin-juice with strangers of the opposite sex, invite your friends and family over to your small studio apartment to play video games! Sure, it's not for everyone, but we're big fans of Wii parties (why do you think Nyko made this frankenstein?).

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unsunghero284060d ago

That's actually not a bad idea.

When Brawl comes out I might actually throw a Wii party...

AcidRhain4060d ago


here's an idea Nintendo: make a party mini-game strictly based on using Mii and don't let Hudson make it. Mario Party 8 bites. I want my 50 dollars back.

djt234060d ago

i have to agree with you unsunghero28 it all about wii party

s8anicslayer4060d ago

sounds a little too close to "home"

Rooftrellen4060d ago

I guess it sounds like Home if you ignore the whole difference between games. Not to mention the fact that Sony hasn't been making games (and therefore, working toward making their vision of a game party) for as long as Nintendo has been trying to make gaming something you do with others in person.

I really doubt your friend can have a game and Home let you and him play it, without you having the game. A Wii party can, since you'd be there in person.

I, personally, think it sounds a lot more fun than Home. After all, who doesn't want to have some friends over and play some games? Much better than online play, if harder to organize.

BrotherNick4058d ago

Hehe, the wii is the ultimate "get ladies to your place" video game system.