Huxley Beta This Year

Webzen has confirmed in its Q2 2007 financial report that it will be holding beta trials for MMOFPS Huxley later this year. According to the report, a closed beta trial is due to commence towards the end of this quarter, with a public beta trial to follow either towards the end of 2007 or in early 2008.

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X_GAMER_X4028d ago

Huxley is gonna rock.
Not to mention APB from the same devolopers..NICE

crazyman4028d ago

I've kinda gone off this game, and will be until they can confirm wether or not they will have another charge as well as LIVE.

JS1HUNDRED4028d ago

MMOFPS, Baby!!! Best news ive heard in months. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos to Bloodmask!

Bloodmask4028d ago

I think this game could be crazy. It is rumored to have over 5000 people online per server.

It would be a FPS first.

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The story is too old to be commented.