NHL 08 - PS3 Stick Turtorial Gameplay

Master the art of controlling the hockey stick and scoring can become second nature in no time.

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Dlacy13g3996d ago

is anyone else having a hard time getting the video to load?

360Sheep3996d ago

i just went ahead and clicked on view video link, it takes a while to buffer but its there. Nice integration of the right analog stick, kinda like swing stick for 2k.

s8anicslayer3996d ago

ahh the return of the hockey season is almost upon us

jinn3996d ago

why is this game moving on to the next gen? someone please start a petition to prevent this game from being released on the 360 for all i care.

Fighter3996d ago

I wonder if EA sports gave us the low-end version of NHL 08 with 30fps.