Cinemablend Games Is On The Road To Hype Haze

With all the press surrounding Halo 3 it seemed like the game was just getting out of hand with the way it was being handled by the media. So CB decided to put up an article about the over-hype of a feature that wasn't quite as expansive as a similar feature in Haze. Guess what? Well, people retorted with a lot of protest.

While those numbskulls talk tripe about Halo 3 in USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and every other big name magazine and media outlet out there (e.g., purely for the sake of its marketing power and surely not for the fact that those journalists know a darn thing about the gaming industry). CB Games will be trailing Haze, providing as much information and news on the game as possible. As one of their readers brought out, Haze will only be recognized for its hype if the media hypes it. And you know what, CB think readers deserve to have a game that's hyped around here as much as Halo 3.

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MK_Red3851d ago

Great news, Haze both deserves and needs more hype and support.

Rythrine3851d ago

People should not forget that every great franchise and games we had now started as a no-name before. They all became must-buy titles with the help of great previews, reviews, and hype,

Odion3851d ago

how does it deserve it?

aaquib23851d ago

It's innovative(nectar, different modes, etc.) and the devs built it from ground up on PS3, so it utilizes the most power, and 360 will get the crappy port, a year later, too!

jwatt3851d ago

They showed footage about a week ago that actually looked impressive. They showed where a guy took a weapon from an enemies hand, it looked real cool.

jay33851d ago

um, Haze is FAR from innovative. That's like saying Far Cry was the most innovative FPS ever. All we've seen is a guy take a gun from an enemy's hand? That's real great. It really is.

Still getting it for PS3 though, so it should look awesome (Practically your only valid point in that post)

Dr Pepper3850d ago

@ jwatt

You can take a gun away from somebody in Timeshift...

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aaquib23851d ago

Games I must buy THIS, yeah THIS, not next(like you know who), but THIS year for PS3:

1. UT3

gunnerforlife3851d ago

im glad this game is getting hyped up by some of the media instead of halo. halo dont need the hype it allready has it.

Odion3851d ago

one gimick (nectar) doesn't make this a great game, there is a reason no one is talking about it

ShAkKa3851d ago

don`t worry odion the game will be coming to your console next year so don`t bashed i bet you won`t look it "gimick" by the time it hits the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.