Activision - Rock Band Will Never Be Prom Queen

Activision's Will Kassoy has plenty to say about their franchise versus the upcoming Rock Band:

I think some of the early signs we've seen might make [Rock Band] a little more complex than some of the things that make Guitar Hero so great, which is its accessibility and ease of play for everyone...[and] If you go beyond the game industry to just really mass market consumers, people haven't heard about Rock Band yet and the fact that it's only on next-generation platforms is going to be a little bit limiting.

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MK_Red3994d ago

Well, Rock Band has: Drums, MTV's huge music collection (Weekly DLC) and full band concept and multiplayer advantage. Guitar Hero 3 has GH1&2 fame and legacy, PS2 & Wii along with the PS3/360 and finally, a big price advantage.

I choose Rock Band since it will have lots of full albums along with everything a rocker wants. Just hope EA doesn't charge too much for downloadable albums.

sticky doja3994d ago

Which will suck. Also I don't want to have to buy every friggin song just to be able to play with others online, I want to know how that works.

ShAkKa3994d ago

activision should stay focus on make their game very good,that`s the best way to beat them not just talking s--t against the competition.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3994d ago

And MTV Music = cheap music (90% of it)

Anyone half decent with an ear to music will stirr away from anything that MTV touches.

alexander22rednaxela3994d ago

Guitar Hero is anyway WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cheaper than rock band.

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