Haze: The Dirty Side Of Combat

SPOnG took a few moments to chat to Haze developer Free Radical today, and they've gathered some tasty combat details about the upcoming shooter.

For all the attention Haze is getting, its combat system is getting a mite overlooked. Rob Yescombe, screenwriter on Haze, goes so far as to describe it as "two games in one box", but all the attention's being focused on the creepy narrative.

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Rattles3998d ago

it all befor lets see some new gameplay

fopums3998d ago

I must have missed that news, but burying grenades sounds like a blast! I was worried that the promised hand guys didnt have anything going for them other then the weapon steal and the playing dead thing so this was welcome news to me.

hazeblaze3998d ago

Yea, burrying weapons sounds pretty cool. A simple idea that hasn't really been exploited before. Pretty awesome.

socomnick3998d ago

Ehhh just another shooter looks alright nothing special.

boodybandit3998d ago

Did you think HAZE was an adventure, RPG or puzzle game when you clicked on the link?

AcidRhain3998d ago

mmmm ploy marketing to hype up this game. ehhh. i'd rather still buy something else with my 60 bucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.