Stuntman: Ignition Avenger Hands-on, Trailer and Screens

As the last rays of sunlight fold into darkness, the city's nightlife awakens. Innocents lock their doors and latch their windows, and those still making their way home find that the absence of light has added an extra spring to their step. Siren wails pierce calm that was never meant to last, and glass crunches underfoot as predators begin to hunt.

Far above, twisted around a fire escape, a hooded man watches a hunched form dart into a convenience store. He's moving before the scream even parts the sales clerk's lips, his costume blending into the shadows as he slips from stairs to window ledge to ladder, and finally to ground. He is the predator of predators; he is vengeance; he is the night; he is -- Night Avenger, of course. Were you expecting someone else?

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MK_Red4066d ago

Now this is a good perfect post. Preview, Trailer and Screens all in one place.

The game looks decent and if I remember correctly, EGM gave it 7.5 which is good IMO.