The Wait Is Over: Why Now Is The Time To Buy A PS3

"There's no denying it: the PS3 had a rough launch. It shipped with only a handful of games, limited functionality, and a high price tag. Many people on community forums complained that the PS3 they had waited in line to obtain at launch was sadly dormant under their televisions collecting dust (and fingerprints) just weeks later. Waves of early adopters expressed buyer's remorse while the Sony Defense Force offered some simple advice: Wait.

Well, it's been eight months since launch, and things are finally beginning to look up for Sony's shiny black beast. Now that modern game consoles are designed to be jacked into the internet from the ground up, formerly bare bones feature sets can improve over time. And improve they have: the regularly released firmware updates have added an exciting new range of features which have enhanced the console's value as an entertainment hub significantly. Considering the ever-expanding functionality, the recent price drop, the success of Sony's Blue Ray format, and strong lineup of exclusive games coming out in the very near future (and beyond) and you've got an overall package that's considerably stronger than it was for the early adopters. Let's examine some of the reasons why it's the perfect time to pick up a PS3."

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drtysouf214062d ago

and good read but i still don't understand how after all this time people still spell blu-ray wrong. Even in the picture they used its spelled correctly. Its Blu-ray not Blue-ray!

cain1414062d ago

I'll talk to the author about that next time I see him on msn... Thanks for the heads up

TriggerHappy4062d ago

i lol'ed

bubbles for you Drtysouf21

MK_Red4062d ago

drtysouf21, you're sharp! Good find and bubbles for you.

Nice article, not much new but still it's got a point and it really is a good time to buy PS3. I'm planning to do it soon but I'm waiting for Lair.

PS360PCROCKS4062d ago

yeah I always notice that and it irritates the hell out of me...

JsonHenry4062d ago

I wish I had not bought mine when I did. : (

Actually, I still wish I had not bought the da mn thing. Maybe in another year, but so far everything that is actually out, is out for either the PC or the 360 and plays better with better graphics on the other two.

Xbox 360 Will4062d ago

Why don't you send me a pm and i'll buy that PS3 off you and put it in the hands of much more deserving person. You know what they say you never really know what you have till its gone!

Gamer luv4062d ago

disagree with the article, no more reasons now to buy a Ps3 now then there was then.

Games are still suckish at the moment, none are worth paying for it.

The console will drop in price again, lot of games will come out fall + next year, more blu ray titles will be available, the time to get a PS3 is now bow, but maybe 6 months time.

I've had my PS3 since the launch, in the UK and since then the only games i have bought ar Motorstorm, looks great, but so .. repetive and boring. RFOM, i just dislike, and i dont think i can give a reason as to why, i just do. And F1 Championship.

F1 Championship to me is the only worthwhile game out there for the PS3 at the moment, because for me (being a F1 fan) its the only game out there you/i can sit and play and think, this is the closest to driving one of these things ill ever get"

But untill around 6 months time, when all these killer games come out, and the ugly price tag becomes more atractive, because at this point in time, there are no real reasons to purchase a PS3 other then you can tell people you have one, then, will be the time to purchase yourself, your very own, Playstation 3/

reaperxciv4062d ago

this article is rife with fanboism. the SWEETSPOT for buying a ps3 will be in 2009

N4Gworks4Sony4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

this is just so pathetic, why didnt this article come out a week ago or two days ago? ill tell you why, because now the 360 lowered the price and the sony protection group or whatever is scared. Its just too obvious. Lets see , nothing new has been added to the ps3 and the 360 has lowered the price and even added new things and this is supposed to be the best time to buy a ps3? That doesnt make any sense.

The veracity of my username proven once again

N4Gworks4Sony4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

double post error

Armyless4062d ago

we'll resume the regularly scheduled programming for people that actually give a sh!t about whether or not they'd ACTUALLY consider purchasing a PS3.

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LSDARBY4062d ago

Good article i think the best time to buy a PS3 will be September. Warhawk comes out the 28th of August, Lair 4th September & Heavenly Sword the 14th. And then other exclusives and 3rd party start rolling in weekly

drtysouf214062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

you get time to configure it how you want. Download all the trailers and demos and games from the PlayStation store that you want. Find some PS3 buddies to add to your friends list. Check out currently released games for PS3. Test out the upscaling features if you have a PS2 and PS1 game collection. Buy and watch some blu-ray movies. And then when the end of the month rolls around pick up Warhawk.

DrPirate4062d ago

People actually agree with this? My God I'm a fan of Sony and even I think you're not getting the full 100% next-generation console gaming experience without a 360.....

PS360PCROCKS4062d ago

your name says it all...your an idiot

True Gamer King4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Your hilarius the worst.

DrPirate I also don't know how so many people agreed with this guy; when Xbox 360 is clearly the better console.

Now watch all the disagrees I get; bring them on.

True Gamer King4062d ago

Your hilarius the worst.

DrPirate I also don't know how so many people agreed with this guy; when Xbox 360 is clearly the better console.

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DrPirate4062d ago

Yeah I agree. If anyone was holding out to get a PS3, September shouldn't disappoint anyone. Stronger games line-up, Home, alot more PS Store content from what was originally there and firmware functionality is continually improved on.

Now click disagree and steal all my bubbles please?

San anto4062d ago

Indeed i shall kind sir.

CadDad4062d ago

I certainly thought so too, having just purchased mine when the price dropped to $500.

My reasoning was as follows:
1. I was going to get one eventually anyways.
2. I like the hardware emulation for the PS1 and PS2 of which I have a ton of games for both so I wanted to act before they dropped that from the SKU.
3. I recently set up a 500 Gig NAS network harddrive for my MP3's and movies. PS3 closes the link to the TV nicely.
4. Finally a few games I am after, and the whole family (daughter especially) is stoked for Little Big Planet.

So far I've been very happy with it.


I was always saying that I would get when NGS dropped
but that price was killing me just for one game.

They dropped the price
I heard it was just for a limited time
I got a refund check for school

I was like, sh!t, my rent ain't gettin no cheaper, and My son ain't gettin no younger,

Picked up one of those bad boys and a TV, like I was ballin !

Next few weeks, I was broke as HELL
and Happier than a MUG !

Need sommore PSN ID's then then I will be hittin up WarHawk Soon, long as I have some money left over from these crazy exclusives we got coming out