BD 300 outsells HD-DVD version: 65%/35%

The stylistic Spartan battle film 300 has charged to the fastest sales start of any high-def video disc release yet, according to Warner Home Video. Consumers have purchased more than 250,000 copies of the film in the competing Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats since its release July 31. That far surpasses the previous hot seller, also from Warner, The Departed, which took three months to sell 100,000 copies.

So far, the Blu-ray Disc version of 300 is outselling the HD DVD version, 65% to 35%. According to Home Media Research, that mirrors the overall sales pattern this year (Jan-June), with Blu-ray accounting for 67% and 33% for HD DVD,.

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NextGen24Gamer4028d ago

In a press release issued this morning, the studio boasts that '300' now joins five other Warner titles in the top ten best selling high definition titles -- a list that includes 'The Departed,' 'Superman Returns,' 'Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series,' 'Batman Begins,' and 'Happy Feet.'

The studio was quick to point to its dual-format support as the reason for its success. "This phenomenal response to '300’'is the latest proof that our approach makes the most sense in today’s market and has enabled Warner Home Video to continue to lead the market in high definition sales," said Ron Sanders, President of Warner Home Video.

Warner says it now has a more than 30% market share of high-def disc sales thanks to its dual-format strategy.

Nigglet4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

considering that BR has sold more than 2-1 actually, counting the Ps3, this proves that the stand-alone HD-dvd players sold A LOT BETTER than the BR players. This proves that BR only outsells because of PS3 but not by enough because PS3 people only buy a little, meaning people who go buy a HD-DVD actually support the platform by buying movies, I am actually surprised that HD-DVD is beating BR like this.

Seems that people buy HD-DVD to play MOVIES and people buy Blu-ray because sony fans are forced to, who would of thunk it?

cuco334028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

he raises a good point. if all ps3 owners used their systems as a movie player than sales for a very popular movie would be significantly higher. being that hd dvd players (including the add on) only do hd dvd playback (as well as cd, dvd, etc) then it is clear that stand alones play an interesting role in the high def war.

oh, and the 65-35 proves my point again that NO dominance is shown. hd dvd is NOT dead. the format war is NOT over. if anything this only backs up my theory that there will be a stalemate if no winner happens within the next year or two. cheaper player/burner/media ultimately will be the deciding factor

to 1.3, and what you sony trolls fail to see is that COMBINED formats only take up an estimated 5% of total movie sales, so 65% of 5% is only 3.25% of TOTAL 300 movie sales (again these are estimates but are as best as you can get).
now please explain to me... how exactly can someone 'spin' stories or preach dominance at such an early stage in the war with a whooping 3.25%? it only shows that studios going exclusive for one format is asinine since 3.25% (BD) or 1.75% (HD DVD) of total movie sales doesn't make any business sense at all. that also is thanks to your 90-95% of BR players being ps3s which ALSO BR is being highly promoted across the board (best buy, target, blockbuster, etc etc) and again, ONLY 3.25%? i figured BR would sell FAR more than only 65% of HD movies. see where i'm going with this?
toot your little BR horn all you want man. if you think about it with a smart logical business mindset you'ld get why going dual format strategy for a studio is SMART. pick and choose a year or two when a clear winner is evident, not before the war has even really begun. i just find it funny how EVERY game forum, blog, etc i'm on or read is always the same thing about BR dominance and superiority usually preached by sony trolls. i'm neutral but damn are you guys pathetic

to 1.4, i agree. personally if i were in the market for a BR player, i would pick up a ps3 since it really is the best in my book to play BR due to constant easy firmware upgrades. but what was said? only 13% of ps3 owners use their systems as a BR player? meaning more gamers own the system specifically for what the playstation brand is... a GAMING system. and even with that said, HOW is it that just looking at the amount of ps3s out there, a movie like 300 shows ONLY a marginally better sales figure?

multiformat & hd dlc ftmfw!

Xbox 360 Will4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

You can spin spin and spin till you get sick as if you were on a merry go round but the truth is no matter how you look at it BLU-RAY made more money for the studio and thats what they are looking at. Money talks and for future multiformat releases they will be thinking that the BLU-RAY version will make them more money.

Panthers4028d ago

Here is the thing. People that want a stand alone BR player have NO reason to buy anything other than the PS3. It is the best BR and one of the cheapest... Why would people buy a regular one? Makes 0 sense.

Heepspo4028d ago

I'm changing my preferences to "hide users with 2 bubbles or less". Amazing that people still use that argument while NOT using their head.

I, for one, would buy a stand alone Bluray player if it weren't for the PS3 but I'll opt for the "2 for 1" deal instead!

WilliamRLBaker4028d ago

why buy a blu ray player over the ps3 EVER? well faster read speeds in the future something the ps3 cant do unless they offer upgraded blu ray drives in the future which will piss off every ps3 owner before that.

Smaller form factors, all around hardware updates that cant be done through firmware....

As for that I predicted blu ray would outsell hd dvd, and the LET is right, Without ps3 blu ray would have died long ago, Compared to stand alone hd dvd sales and blu ray, HD dvd is outselling blu ray in every way, The ps3 is the only thing that makes the difference, because...the ps3 accounts for about 90% of all blu ray player sales in the world.

^ the above is well known and proven fact, quoted by many sites.

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HokieFan4028d ago

Considering the Blu-ray : HD DVD ratio has been 2:1 for a while now, that seems perfectly logical. Did anyone not expect this?

Violater4028d ago

Some one from VT.
I want to apply to go to school there.

HokieFan4028d ago

I highly recommend it. I had the time of my life in Blacksburg. It's a great school and a truly great college town.

Oh yea, and academically it's pretty good too. :)

razer4028d ago

Out of all the great pending articles look which one gets the most approvals the fastest!

File this under: WGAS!

HokieFan4028d ago

Yeah, this site tends to be more about flamewars than news.

Lord Anubis4028d ago

as expected.

This is very important because it was the difference between features through iHD and raw power through the form of uncompressed audio and features.

BaMYouRDeaD4028d ago

Well, it was a really good movie. I'm glad it's doing so well.