TimeShift Hitting Stores This October on PC, X360

Sierra today announced that Saber Interactive's oft-delayed FPS TimeShift will make its way to the PC and Xbox 360 on October 30th. The game will follow with a release on the PS3 sometime in December.

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razer4065d ago

This game has gotten a complete make-over from the early horrible demo that came out. They took all the feedback, scraped the old game and started fresh and the results look spectacular!

I'm really anxious to play this game and will be getting it in Oct. since the PS3 version is lagging behind. Timed Exclusive??

RadientFlux4065d ago

Very Nice. Great timing now that GTA4 isn't coming out in till next Spring.

Nameless4065d ago

This will happily replace GTA for me

Bazookajoe_834065d ago

But i see this game coming short compared to halo3, haze, Unreal and other fps that will arrive this fall..

God of Gaming4065d ago

Hummmm same day as COD4... Can not say that I will care about timeshift :)

I hope its good but not the best timing.

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The story is too old to be commented.