NCSoft on PS3 plans, PSP MMO, and Tabula Rasa

An interview with NCsoft boss Richard Garriott and Executive Producer Brian Clayton revolved mostly around the MMORPG industry and their (NCSoft) plans to support the PlayStation 3 with MMO-type titles.

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DEADEND3939d ago

SONY has big thing instord for PS3 owners and future owners as well. by the end of 2008 and mid 2009 SONY will have the led in the console war if they keep it up.

s8anicslayer3939d ago

yeah i know, but let those haters have their fun now while it lasts

thereapersson3939d ago

The PS3 hasn't even reached its 1 year mark yet, and while the results thus far are rather disappointing, it's still premature and a bit ignorant to call the PS3 a "failure". We haven't even hit the holiday season of 2007, let alone brought ourselves into 2008, so I think people need to not make such quick judgement calls.

Although, I guess it gives the fanboys something to do because they really have trouble facing reality...

DEADEND3939d ago

i know the PS3 will be susesful at the end of 2008, people are saying that theres no games and the price is too high. well by the end of the year there will be a ton of new games from the end of this month till next year and so on. and for price we just got a price cut last month and we all saw what that did, PS3 are selling out everywhere and theres going to be another one around march to june. so it'll be around 450 to 399.

djt233939d ago

psp is going to get MMORPG nice