Price Drop Spikes 360 Sales

Kotaku suppose it isn't too surprising that today's $50 price drop caused a bit of a spike in Amazon sales of the Xbox 360. Though as of this afternoon, it's still nowhere near the 1,000 percent jump the 360's HD-DVD received after its price drop and five free HD-DVD deal.

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PS360PCROCKS3997d ago

Wait til this price drop reaches the will help move more systems...$350 for a 360 is very cheap, it's like a system and a game for what you used to pay.

power0919993997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Sales go well here, and a majority of new buyers, buy the improved hardware (with heatsink).

I honestly can say this price drop was not really advertised that much. Either way hopefully MS does well with it.

With Halo coming soon, I expect to see another article like this very soon.

hazeblaze3996d ago

Yea, I just don't think $50 is going to make a big difference either way. I think the 360 is going to see it's major sales spike when the holiday season rolls around... number one, due to the games and number two, I think they're likely to drop the price again.

But hey, at least they're getting close to the top 10 again.

nasim3996d ago

neither the elite/x360 premium

has a
-NEXT GEN DVD player


-HDMI 1.3 support (elite supports till 1.2 only)

plus LIVE has 2d text achievements unlike 3D HOME with TROPHIES on PSN

why would someone buy an elite for 450$

when someone could get a ps3 for 500$ with 5 FREE BLU_RAY movies?

ReBurn3996d ago

Well nasim, maybe people actually want to play games and not just watch movies. Seriously, you kill me with this stuff. All I know is that as of today, right now, most of the games that are played on my PS3 are PS2 games because most of what's available I've already played on my 360.

The 360 is a good system. It has had its problems, but Microsoft is doing their part to take care of their customers. That just happens to be enough for most people.

Sez 3996d ago

didn't people buy the ps2 when it had ddr problems. ooh and the ps1 when you had to turn the system upside down just to read the disk. seem like we forgot sony problems. that it took two gen's and upteen versions of the ps2 to get it right. and sony still didn't admitt it's problem with the ps2.

True Gamer King3996d ago

I was looking for you to say something I knew you would; your a coward and an idiot.

Shut the hell up.

Everyone take his bubbles away already this guys and idiot and just makes up stuff to talk trash.

SorenK3996d ago

The BestBuy by my house sold out of both the premium and core models today.

cuco333996d ago

hey nasim,

without googling, please do tell me EXACTLY your knowledge on the difference between hdmi 1.2 and hdmi 1.3... i bet you don't even know aside from using it as a statistic. go troll somewhere else man and take your young, nonpubecent, still in high school, richboy a$$ elsewhere

for the record, HOME is whack. so toot your psn horn while gazing at a cgi of a trophy that took you hours to complete. big accomplishment there i tell ya!

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BIadestarX3997d ago

Forza 2 already at #1
Halo 3 at #4
Premium at #11
Elite at #13

crck3996d ago

But Forza 2 is number 1 because Amazon is having a 1 day sale for it at $39.99. Anytime Amazon has their 1 day sale on a decent game it jumps to the top. For example when Resistance(an 8 month old game) was on sale for $39.99 last month it jumped to number 3 before it sold out by mid afternoon. Yes there is a slight spike in 360 sales but its not much. The 360 usually hovers in the top 15 to 20. But since rumors of the price drop hit a week ago it dropped into the 30's as low as 38 I believe. So a spike from the lowered levels isn't that much.

Ivalice3996d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

power of Green 3997d ago

Eternal Sonata is the first JRPG that I actually like/love? and I found it strange to be excited to play a JRPG only hours after getting my ass whooped in the forest area.

I like it!, it should sell, the Music and Sound Quality-Top Notch.

ParaDise_LosT3997d ago

I belive the video is Pre Alpha or beta somewhere along those lines.
and the vid quality isn't as great...damn youtube -.-''
But yeah Eternal Sonata is Great too
There is also another RPG comming up
(maybe 08-09)
Called Infinite Undiscovery by Tri-Ace (makers of Valk profile &star Ocean )

Anything but Cute3997d ago

Just kidding. Yeah as expected 360 sales will go up after the price drop.

It's no secret anymore, you want to sell more this generation you better cut your price. The message should be loud and clear to both Microsft and Sony. The battle should be heated this gen like no other gen before.

VirusE3997d ago

Good for MS the timing on this couldnt be better with bioshock and halo 3 right around the corner.

Anything but Cute3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

timing is good? You cut the f*cken price, sales go up it doesn't matter what year it is.

The timing was right from MS alright, as in right after PS3 cuts it's price. XBOX 360 felt the heat!

VirusE3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

ohhh lorenzferus you picked the wrong dude to say some dumb crap like that too.

Look kid, obviously you don't understand what a fanboy is. Go look in the mirror and then look at your console selection and have a moment of deep reflection. I have a feeling you will come to the conclusion that you are a fanboy not I. See the thing is kid I own all 3 and make my own choices in life. I don’t get daily memos from Sony nor ms telling what to think and when like you obviously do silly fangirl troll.

"You cut the f*cken price, sales go up it doesn't matter what year it is."

Let me break it down so you and your 4th grade education can understand it. See the thing is games drive sales not systems. So if you cut the price of the system right before you launch a bunch of "system moving software" like halo and bioshock you open up the chance to sell even MORE systems (I hope you are taking notes). So while yes cutting the price would help, the effect of cutting the price right before your biggest title comes out helps even more. Its call a "business strategy" and it is very commonly used in this thing called a business; you clean toilets at one of these "businesses" that make these so called “strategies” if that helps you understand a little better.

I have added a pic to help you understand why I am NOT a fangirl like yourself. Once you done typing your silly reply you should check with mom I imagine dinner will be ready soon. Maybe if you’re good mom will buy you a new gangsta rap cd.

There is a lesson to be learned here don’t jump to conclusions and call someone a fanboy without thinking first. I have a psn tag you fool look at my profile.

okcomputer3996d ago

Damn virus, you didn't have to own the kid that much, that first pic made me crack up.

VirusE3996d ago

sorry okcomputer its been a long day and i get tired of silly crap like that. We all like games so why can't we just talk about games without some kid popping in and going "hey look at me, please god look at me, i need some attention because my mommy didn't hug me enough as a kid".

M1am1U3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

I have to agree with you. Some people would be well served to think before they speak, or type. You're right about the price cut. It's very good timing for MS. A price cut just prior to three of their biggest games (Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect) will only bolster sales. So, it's no surprise there has already been a spike in sales.

socomnick3996d ago

lol virus nice you get a bubble for making the fan girl feel like a idiot.

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