Stranglehold Demo ZTGameDomain Hands-On

The guys over at ZTGD take a look at the recently released demo of Midway's upcoming Stranglehold for the XBox 360.

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DrPirate4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

It's not on PSN yet, and I don't think it's coming out this Thursday.

Any 360 owners care to share impressions to those less fortunate demo-wise? :P It's a game I'm getting anyways because I loved hard-boiled, just curious to know how the gameplay holds up. The gameplay demonstrations didn't impress me and the action looks choppy from what I'm seeing in videos.

AllroundGamer4029d ago

its like upgraded Max Payne, a little bit more chaotic... but the demo was good, i liked it.

rakkasan4029d ago

I wasn't expecting much but when I played it I was pleasantly suprised. Took a little while to master the controls, but after that it wasn't bad. Destructible environments are very nice. Just about anything can be shot up. I definitely recommend trying the demo.

alexander22rednaxela4029d ago

I think the graphics from a production standpoint looked undervelming, if you pay attention to the character shadowing you will see the same issue that was in hour of victory, and the shooting secueces are soo chaotic its hard to know where the enemies are.


hazeblaze4029d ago

Yea, I haven't played the demo personally... but from all of the gameplay vids I've seen. I can tell that the gfx aren't really next gen impressive. However, I'd probably still check this game out just for next genish Max Payne action.

AllroundGamer4029d ago

exactly, i also noticed the shadows, looked very weird. And the Market-place fight was very chaotic, where i had to turn the camera 360 degrees very often... yeah you could probably just stand around the corner and wait for them (cause you can memorise the spawn points), but that would be just antiTequila style :)

socomnick4029d ago

This is one the best demos I have ever played its long and after you beat it you unlock new powers for the next run through. My favorite power is the one where you can aim a shot with time slowed down gotta love the groin shots.


personally i thought the game play was good fun and all, but the graphics i didn't like.

Am i the only person who thought the character models looked very plastic and stiff, even the environments, somehow everything just looked very artificial. it did remind me of Hour of Victory and i am wondering if its cos it uses the unreal engine aswell.

with so many other games coming out, i am not sure this is a must have game, more of a rent game for me.