Can More Cores Beat More Clock Speed?

Nearly everyone who's followed CPU technology over the past two years knows that quad cores have a distinct performance advantage in a wide variety of professional applications, because many applications are designed for multi-threading. These same readers also know that the four-core advantage virtually evaporates in games, because games usually support only a single thread and occasionally two, but not four.

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VirusE4062d ago

So far the x6800 still rains supreme for games but only because supreme commander is the only game that really takes advantage of the more cores. So I would say at the moment MHZ is still king but that will chance with UT 3 and crysis coming out.

Caxtus7504062d ago

somthing iv always wanted to know.

I have a duel core 1.8ghz processor. Do games see my duel core as a single core 1.8? or a 3.6?

thanks :)

Gorgon4062d ago

They see it as two 1.8 cores. It doesn't double the performance of your game.

ben hates you4062d ago

and yes to the title, more cores can out compete high powered cores,

i have 3.2quad core 12.8ghz total, works great with everything

Gorgon4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

"i have 3.2quad core 12.8ghz total, works great with everything"

Sorry, thats BS.

whengeeksgobad4062d ago

wow man sounds like a way boss machine.

JCDenton4062d ago

No, you cannot just multiply MHz like "I have dual-core CPU, and each core is set to 2GHz, meaning I have a 4GHZ CPU". That's BS, like someone said...

khellendros14062d ago

Until companies design games that separate functions like A.I. and physics for separate cores you probably won't need more that 2 cores for gaming. You would be better off spending that money on a videocard or 2. The biggest reason to have 4 cores is if you're into video/music production or into computer graphics or animation.

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