The Gamer's Guide To HDTV

Video games have always been on the cutting edge of visual technology, and the shift to high definition is no different. Gamers who opt to remain ahead of the pack want their HDTV, but tread carefully before plunking down the cash for a new set.

The most heated debate among gamers is LCD vs. Plasma. It used to be almost as heated as the game console war, but has cooled down as the two camps have each found their respective niche. There are reasons for gamers to love and hate both.

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sjappie3999d ago

Very happy with my panasonic 50".

PortableCow3999d ago

I love the way plasma looks and the price but worried about the burn in effect and wondering if LCD is safer

Dr Pepper3999d ago

@ PortableCow

LCD have a very low risk of screen burn in compared to Plasma (which is high). So, LCD is much safer.

@ PS360ROCKS (below)

While sitting at an angle isn't all that bad for LCD TVs (like they make it sound), it's worse than Plasma viewing angles.

btw got myself a Samsung LCD HDTV as well, it's awesome.

sjappie3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

and I never had any hud burn-ins or any burn-in whatsoever. Burn-in problems were mostly with the early generations of plasma tv's. Also some brands tend to have more burn-ins than others. Panasonic is known to have no burn-in issues and has a great price/image quality value, Pioneer is s more vulnerable to burn-ins, but is said to have slightly better image quality, but is much more expensive.
So, I think Pana is a good choice, it looks awesome with my 360.
Colors and contrast values(deeper blacks) are way better than any LCD tv I've seen.

PS360PCROCKS3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I have a 32" Samsung LCD HDTV and I love has one of the better pictures I saw when I was looking last christmas...and the "hard to see from the side angle" is crap, my living room is huge and me and my friends sit around at all various angles and no one has ever complained.

edit:: yeah dr pepper I really feel Samsung make the best LCD's for the price, the picture and the style. Really the style, they are some of the nicest looking tv's on the market.

nomuken3999d ago

At the moment am using a 26' KDL model which actually does 1080p. lol.

sandip7873999d ago

i have a sony bravia kdl40s2530, and i love it!

AllroundGamer3999d ago

37" Samsung LCD 1080p here, quality is great, one dead pixel tho :)

CRIMS0N_W0LF3999d ago

pretty useless info they just advertising panasonic plasma tvs...

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The story is too old to be commented.