Today's most awesomely bad movie based around a game: The Controller

With CG animation straight from the 1980's and a plot that screams "Give me back my son," The Controller: Armchair Combat Professionals is enough to make even Alone in the Dark look good. Well, we shouldn't say things we can't back, but we're sure that Roger Ebert is thanking his lucky stars that he doesn't have to review every terrible indie flick that every delusional filmmaker churns out from their basement.

Could Crow T. Robot and the gang possibly save this beast? Possibly, but we're willing to settle for a RiffTrax.

This is actually a serious movie this isnt a joke

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jay34064d ago


This must be a piss take movie, i mean come on

Armchair Combat Proffesionals?

This HAS to be a mickey take movie, it just HAS to be. And those effects really, really suck.

360Sheep4064d ago

haha this movie is funny, isnt it a promotion for halo 3, i mean they are playing halo 3 in that game right, haha (shields up)

erosevaporator4063d ago

But I am gonna rent the $hit out that beeyatch, just to laugh at how retarded it is!

texism4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Who the fck in their right mind shoots at flaming jet crashing towards them with a pistol? Why? To slow it down? With a pistol? 9mm bullets against 10 tons of flaming debris? Wow.

Did some stupid ass bigwig think that because we are gamers and we are stupid, we are going to shell out dough for this?

djt234063d ago

wow it like they never try, game animation is chesses
wow i cant say something bad or good about it wow ........___......

s8anicslayer4063d ago

it was like the joker shooting down batpjet in the first batman movie

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