Gaming Today File-N-Forget Podcast: Reviewing the Tabula Rasa Beta

This week in Gaming Today's inaugural podcast, Shawn Sines and Ron Whitaker take advantage of the recently relaxed press NDA on the Tabula Rasa beta to give you thier thoughts on the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG. Gamint Today exposes a few warts, discuss the game's potential, and even offers up some thoughts on where Tabula Rasa fits in today's MMO landscape.

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ldysabella4058d ago

First off I must admit a strong bias because I know one of the guys that does this podcast, but don't hold that against me.
I've listened to the podcast and believe that there is a future for it. Shawn and Ron have a good report, and conversation flows easily between them. Sound quality could be a little better on Shawn's end and I really think the name File and Forget is a poor choice. Still I believe this will be a good edition to Shawn Sines' original podcast Game On!