EA eating Ubisoft: Holds 25 percent voting stake

The company now holds 25 percent voting stake in the French game maker.

In December 2004, EA bought a 20-percent block of the French game maker, a move considered hostile by Ubisoft at the time.
EA's previously held 18.4 % of the voting rights against 22.8 % held by Ubisoft's founders.

Calls and emails to EA and Ubisoft requesting comment about the development were not immediately returned Wednesday morning.

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Galvatron3999d ago

This sucks big time. Ubi is one of the only companies that consistently puts out quality games. Don't let crappy EA interfere!

hazeblaze3999d ago

Well... this is bad news fore EVERYBODY! The beginning of the end of Ubisoft as a formidable game publisher.

VirusE3999d ago

EA will snatch them up and then will get a new assassins creed game EVERY FREAKING YEAR.

TriggerHappy3999d ago

With no new features just the same game with absolutely nothing at all just a name change

bootsielon3999d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction for PS3!!

W00t!!! ;)

Just kidding.