Kojima to reveal new MGS game at Leipzig?

The latest reports out of Konami reveals the rather exciting news that Hideo Kojima will be in attendance at GC 2007 in Leipzig later this month, to demonstrate Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and even reveal new "key plot points", as well as "exciting news about forthcoming Metal Gear projects from Kojima Productions."

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TriggerHappy4027d ago

I thought Kojima said MGS4 would be his last game ? orly ?

Lord Anubis4027d ago

MGS4 will be his last game (that he directs) in the series. He will continue to make games and over see projects.

Rythrine4027d ago

Yup, just like Jaffe with Cory Balrog for GoW2.

predator4027d ago

i remember a long time ago him saying he wanted to make a 360 game, so maybe this is it, not mgs4 but a whole different one.

TriggerHappy4027d ago

If it is 360 related, even an XBLA title, the internet will explode.

MK_Red4027d ago

Agreed. Even a tiny bit of MGS on 360 is enough for a small armageddon! I quess its either MGAc!d 3 or MGS for DS. It could be just the MGS Online that we've seen but who knows?

DrPirate4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Disagreed with all of you. Why is Metal Gear franchise going on 360 a big deal? Nearly every other MGS game ended up on a different platform other then Playstation, a new game entirely would settle right with everyone since PS3 owners are getting MGS4 exclusively, maybe Kojima is doing this to make the higher-ups at Konami happy since they're begging him to make MGS4 multi-platform.

I'd be fine with a new MGS game on the 360, in fact, I think it would be better for the Metal Gear franchise in general.

Edit: Just so you all know my implication: I fully expect Metal Gear Solid Online to go to 360 and PS3. On the 360, Kojima said he loved X-Box Live, so an online title for the 360 would make tons of sense.

Edit: Shysun, am I the target of your post? Did you even read the entire thing, you're agreeing with exactly everything I'm saying.

TriggerHappy4027d ago

Is a big deal because some 360 fans want the game on the console (including yourself) and PS3 fans want the game to stay on the PS3 as an exclusive.

MGS4 is one of those games that sets the bother for PS3 owners and X360 owners. You either have the PS3 and will be enjoying it or you might have to get one to enjoy it.

360Sheep4027d ago

how well did MGS2 do on the 360?

shysun4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

MGS4 online will be on 360,he's hinted @ that for years now.

Disagree all you want but Kojima has said over a thousand times that he wanted to do a Multi-plat MGS online game. I read every article and interview of him. He's said it over and over. I own a PS3 I love MGS games and I know what he said! PSN:Shysun R6:Vegas 24/7! PSS,he mentioned PC a few times also.

Lord Anubis4027d ago

Xbox 360 could get MGO (metal gear online)but that was never finalized so who knows. That's what they meant by extending the metal gear franchise.

His next project after MGS4 is a wii title. He has a really strong desire to make a wii title.

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ShAkKa4027d ago

is just Metal Gear Solid online for the ps3.

Frulond4027d ago

they said was going to be a complete different project than just a MGS4 add on

LSDARBY4027d ago

if its a 360 exclusive xbots wont let it go. and fanboy wars will get a whole lot worse

shysun4027d ago

It wont be 360 exclusive what ever it is, multi-plat maybe but only on 360....ANT GONNAHAPPEN!;)

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