The game ads they had to ban

With the news that another game advert has been banned from our screens (in this case a PS3 ad on Yahoo and BT's internet site), GR takes a look at some other game adverts that caused uproar and see if the fuss is justified. Are they really so bad they have to be torn down and consigned to YouTube for ever more?

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MK_Red4030d ago

Awesome find, GamesRadar feature had became arther lame lately but this one is one of their better ones IMO specially with featuring two of my fave series, Mortal Kombat and Burnout!

Rowland4030d ago

Glad you like the feature !

whateva4030d ago

What the Hell was the point of that Video ?

AngryTypingGuy4030d ago

Somehow the banning of this ad will be placed on Bill Gates and Microsoft.

alexander22rednaxela4030d ago

They were pretty bad comercials anyway with no relevance to the game, I do agree fully that the burnout ad crossed the line, by advertising that violence results in inner peace, especially considering the negativity already connected to subways hint,hint (london bombings)

XENOCIDE4030d ago

The Burnout ad is about the only one that should've been pulled n' Vivendi's viral email campaign was just stupid, 'hell were they thinkig? While the MK ad was indeed very violent, it was behind an age barrier, so, what the hell was the problem? How do they actually have the authority to pull that ad? I remember seeing the COD 2 ad's all over TV, even tho it uses CGI, any dumbnut can tell it's a game, simple n' plain. The Xbox "life is short" ad was about the best along with the last 360 ad. Both were great ad's promoting M$ consoles that made you laugh a bit n' you still got the point, neither should've been pulled.

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