The $60 Rock Band saga continues

If you've been reading the updates to Joystiq's story on the $60 Rock Band package with included controllers offered by, you know that the site stopped taking pre-orders some time Monday night and took down the product entirely on Tuesday morning. Well, this morning things started getting really interesting.

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MK_Red4065d ago

It can't be true but if it was, then I would have bought two full packages just in case!

Frances-the-Mute4065d ago

doesn't look like its happening

CadDad4065d ago

It was probably an honest mistake by Best Buy, but be assured I'd try to get all of it for the pre-ordered price, had I put in a pre-order.

Corporations make mistakes, but they also gouge you every chance they get!

PS360PCROCKS4065d ago

Best buy is a bunch of hypocrites. Yesterday I was standing their listening to an employee trying to sell off the elite to him...the kid was like all I wanna do is play games and that he had a very old TV that didn't even have composite on it...and the guy still tried going out of his way to be shady and sell him the elite, telling him he "needed" the big hard I turn and ask "Don't all the premiums go down $50 tomorrow?" and the kid tells me "Oh no their not going down for two months" and I was like "oh yeah I thought it was August the 8th" kid tells me that their supposed to be meeting about that and that the price won't be going down for a few months, fuc*ing liar. I start to walk away as the other customer asks about the price drop and he denies the price drop happening...FUC* YOU BEST BUY!

etownone4065d ago

i probably getting rock band the game for $60 and use my GH2 controller.....and maybe in the future get the drums.

but for $60 for the whole package.... would like to see if the people that put the pre-order in actually end up getting this. i doubt it, but i'm hoping they do.