PS Blog: The Warhawk Servers Behind The Curtain

The Warhawk IGS method means that instead of us forcing players to be connected to the SONY "mothership" for any and all games, we instead let players host their own servers on their own PS3s. This is fairly unique and it enables a couple of really nice benefits.

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MK_Red3850d ago

Wow, thats some heavy tech and input for smooth multiplayer experience. I dont have a PS3 and I'm not a Sony Fanboy but you've gotta give it to them for having such great services for free while the fee-based 360 Live still uses peer-to-peer and shared system without a dedicated server.

persian_prince3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

I agree with you. Im a 360 owner, but Im not the type to pay to play I dont have xbox live gold. Live should be free by now since sony stepped up the game and made theirs free. I dont care what the MS ppl say about the "quality of content". F*** that, give me some free live so I can play some gears with my friends halfway across the world.

Kleptic3850d ago

Is XBL only peer-to-peer? I never knew that...I do remember hearing that XBL could be frequently laggy, but I thought some of the games had dedicated servers...

but if it is only peer to peer...that is total trash, and makes it even crappier that they charge (no dedicated servers to upkeep)...I kept being told that Vegas was one of the very best 360 games online...bought it for the pS3 because of that...and the peer to peer only online is extremely frustrating...the match-making blows, and when you finally find a game with little lag issues, the creator quits the game...which doesn't "poor" it onto the next player in line like some games that do peer to just crashes everyone to the main menu...

not sure why I brought all that up...the Warhawk beta was great...the code seemed very optimized too, so most games had little lag...but I am very very happy that there will be dedicated servers, even a game totally focused on online play can't escape the obvious problem peer-to-peer can create at times...

crck3850d ago

But I believe they are starting to let some 3rd party companies provide dedicated servers if they want to.

drtysouf213850d ago

you how reliable the PS3 is Sony trusts it to stay on for hours and hours.

DEADEND3850d ago

thats why i love sony and i'll always support them, im not fanboy and i never will be i own a 360 and play gears and lost plante. i have to say MS needs to take their service to the next level they have alot of issue that they need to fix in live or make better, not only that their sticking to the same stuff and not being innovative as SONY. look at HOME and some of the stuff the will be coming out for the playstation network in mid to late 08 its going to be amazing. MS can do the samething in their own way but dont and thats a let down thats the way i see it.

the worst3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

gears of war and lost planet
then i got the red rings
2 months later
ill never buy any xbox console again

harpua3850d ago

i got a 360 for gears, finished the game in no time and returned the 360 within the return period for full refund. might do the same for bioshock.

DEADEND3850d ago

yea GEARS was really short i beat the game first day i got it,it was what i thought i would be like. they held it back for so long and it was that short, it was a let down if you ask me( i know a lot of 360 and GEARS fanboys are going to hate me for saying that). the online is cool but really cheesey if you played it you would know what im talking about. over all if i had to rate it i would give the game a 9 not a 9.8 or w/e like some sites.

Kleptic3850d ago

Gears was the closest game so far to getting me to buy a 360...a few friend's had the game at launch (when i was literally saving for a PS3 solely because of Incognito's games usually, and loved the first Warhawk)...and we beat it in co-op the first night he had it...

it was fun, but being that the online never clicked with me as an Epic fan...I have owned and played every Unreal game since the beginning...and Gears takes a giant step back in online craziness, something I simply coudln't get used to...if UT3 was only on the 360, that would probably get me to buy one over upgrading a PC to play it...

next 360 game though that I really really want to play is Bioshock and Mass desire to play Halo 3 more than 30 minutes...the only local friend's I had with 360s both got rid of them for whatever reason (one had the RROD, one sold his to buy a joke) I may have to pick one up eventually...

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