First footage of PES 2008 - 5 minute Video

5 minute gameplay video of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. No embedd is available.


Note: Description says it is a gameplay video not so much. =(
And a embedd was available.. too bad i can't read dutch.

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360Sheep3912d ago

boooo there was no gameplay, just the intro, the images we've already seen, and some dudes talking about it for 5 minutes.. boooooooooo

Meus Renaissance3912d ago

All those who approved this need to be reprimanded lol

MaximusPrime3912d ago

5 minutes of disappointment

DarkJedi3912d ago

wow, not only is it dutch, it's blurred over the actual footage of the game (although small snippets can be seen over the annoying small kids shoulder).

Rubbish news post imo.

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