Report: Gamers unaware of console functionality

According to a new usage report by consumer research group NPD, gamers are either unaware or apathetic to the non-gameplay features of next-gen consoles.PS3 owners, the report says, are less likely than Xbox 360 owners to download demos and videos on their consoles due to unawareness. In addition, only 37 percent of PS3 owners are aware of backwards compatibility for PS1 and PS2 games. In contrast, a majority of PSP and DS owners are fully aware of what their handhelds are capable of.

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DTClown3999d ago

Read your freaking manuals!

toughNAME3998d ago

most sony fanboys are 12 years old and cant expect little kids to get into all this 'tech' stuff can u?

Milkman5413999d ago

Honestly if people knew that PS3 played PS2 and PSone games and was a built in Blue-Ray player, the sales would be much better. This is a poor job on Sony's part of advertising correctly for the PS3.

ScorpioKyle3998d ago

Most customers I talk do don't even know what Bluray is, they think its the blue colored discs that were some PS2 games

Captain Tuttle3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

That's all Sony talks the PS3 isn't REALLY expensive because you get so much can do everything. I guess most non-fanboys don't believe it.

Edit: They need better ads than those stupid ones with a PS3 in a room.

Like a shadow I am3998d ago

or most non-fanboys just don't care about it. That's the meaning of the word "apathetic" -- they don't care.

DJ3999d ago

They just revamped their marketing about a month ago. BC, Free Internet, and Blu-ray/DVD movie playback are all emphasized on the Demo Kiosks.

Captain Tuttle3998d ago

The few times I see someone at a PS3 kiosk they're playing Motorstorm. They have to actively advertise...kiosks are passive. You have to be motivated to pick up the controller.

kn3999d ago

They do talk about those that are unaware of certain features, but the also say "apathetic". There are probably quite a few like me that have a next gen console and don't really care about certain features. Music and Video, for instance, on my 360. Don't care about it. I just want to play games. Also keep in mind that there are an awfully lot of people who buy electronics and never bother to learn anything beyond the basics. The group of people on N4G are not those people but I'd be willing to be that if you talked to the average person buying a 360, PS3, or Wii to give you a full rundown on the feature list, they couldn't do it...

Like a shadow I am3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

I also don't particularly care for the non-gaming functions.

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The story is too old to be commented.