Kinect hands on : Move over, this could be huge

M2G Writes:

Today I took a trip to London to try out Microsoft’s Kinect and having spend the best part of two hours in a building somewhere in Covent Gardens, I have come back convinced this is the future of motion control.

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mjolliffe2576d ago

Glad to see some more positive comments about the device. Looking forward to getting both this and Move. Maybe not day one, but certainly a purchase!

Double Toasted2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Move Over!

Edit: Ok, imo, Move Over! Chillax son, its all in good fun, ha.

mjolliffe2576d ago

I'm good here thanks. Anyway, it's my opinion. Why don't you express yours, rather than shouting virtually at others.

iMad2576d ago

the concept behind Kinect for ordinary people looks like tech from the future. And many non-gamers will want to try.

Sony know that and is very affraid...

Wii2 will also have Kinect-like tech.

i want to try kinect very much...

Aquarius2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

jumping up & down like a lunatic is the future? the place called a living room as well?
riiiiiiiiiiiight I think I've heard it all!!!

inveni02576d ago

Kinect will sell well...just like Wii did. That's why Microsoft is making it. It'll barely work, but it'll be enough to draw a crowd, and that's all that M$ is worried about. They want the money it will bring, not to satisfy a bunch of hardcore gamers.

RememberThe3572576d ago

Maybe, but ATM there are too many things that you can't do with Kinect. The input lag for motion controls kills it for me.

If a cramera is the only future for videogames I really don't want any part of it.

RageAgainstTheMShine2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

please make M$ more money with not just one but as many Kinects as you can. You deserve the best M$ can offer.

pocketaces112576d ago

I started writing all kinds of qualifications of why I'm not a fanboy but I have deleted them and just gone to the facts.

I firmly beleive Kinect will sell more then move which really sadens me just like all the poeple including frinds of mind who kept buying x-boxes to replace their broken ones or pireted ones that got booted from live.

They are comited both financially and in their heart.

Move get's dubed wii HD how is something that adds a camera like the kinect but keep a controler like wii and makes it beter more accurate then wii and more functional then kinect a wii HD. I mean just the fact that move can detect power by measuring the time it takes to get from a-b not only up and down or left and right but also forward and back adds way more value to me then wii ever did.

Anyways that's my two sence. Microsoft just proves over and over again they are in it for the money and not for the consumer and for some reason clients just keep eating it up.

sikbeta2575d ago

lol @ people cheerleading the few possibilities of this add-on of selling, you don't care about the device or the implementation of motion-controls in gaming, you just want M$ "to win" something

I hope PlayStation®Move gets the wii sales, so people will realize how great motion-control can be implemented in gaming and people will take it as an addition rather than a gimmick...

CimmerianDrake2575d ago

Why would Sony be afraid of tech they've already used and have had access to for 10 years?

Nintendo and Sony passed on the tech of Kinect because they know it's highly flawed, and Sony has already had it in the Eyetoy. Sony isn't afraid of anything Kinect related. No one is.

36T2575d ago

@ CimmerianDrake. 10 years? Eyetoy?? *shakes head* I feel bad for you buddy.

PLAYstar2575d ago

Oh great.. What's this? Never ever heard of it. Looks to me like a blogger living in a cave to even think that this is our future.. M$ sure love cheap bloggers.

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Christopher2576d ago

***When I later asked if they would be ordering the device they told me “before we attended we had no idea what Kinect was, but now we will be ordering it straight away and also recommending friends do so too.” The grandson? Well he never even got to play.

Before our conversation ended I explained PlayStation will also receive a motion device soon and I asked if that is something she would consider, however she told me although her Grandson did have a PS3, she would rather order Kinect as being without a controller is a big draw.***

I know this will come off all fanboy-ish, but reading this all I can think is "BS." It just sounds like utter garbage, honestly.

"Oh, I like it because it doesn't have a controller, and I'll be telling all my friends!"

Sorry, that just comes off as PR BS to me.

rroded2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

saps n easy money is all im saying...

i think we all know the world dont work that way and that kinect certainly has some issues lag being one...
im kinda optimistic about them being able to pull off real 1:1 next gen hd gaming with it but until we see it...

Vavoom2576d ago

You're right it does come of ass fanboyish; you know why?

Because it is.

While I'm here, since move is not getting as much press, can someone tell me what titles are launching with move. I honestly don't know. Besides the sports game, what else is there.

Everytime I hear something about move, it is being retro fitted for games that everyone have already beaten.

RememberThe3572576d ago

@cgoodo: That doesn't sound fanboyish. The quote doesn't sound authentic at all. But I think that is more attributed to poor writing than it being false. I could see non-gamers loving the idea of not have a controller. As for me, I like buttons because until they can instantaneously read my thoughts buttons are the most efficient why to interact with a videogame.

Christopher2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

***You're right it does come of ass fanboyish;***

The mistakes in this, when read all as one, are priceless.

***While I'm here, since move is not getting as much press, can someone tell me what titles are launching with move.***

Yes, I make a comment about two paragraphs in the article and call it PR BS and you take a pock shot at Move. Which one of us is the fanboy again?

But, since you asked a question, and yet ended your sentence with a period, here we go:

- Ape Escape Fury! Fury!
- Flight Control HD
- Kung Fu Rider
- Sports Champions
- Start the Party
- TV Superstars
- Beat Sketch
- The Fight: Lights Out
- Brunswick Pro Bowling
- John Daly's Prostroke Golf
- NBA 2k11
- Planet Minigolf
- SingStar Dance
- The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest
- Under Siege
- Zumba Fitness

Just FYI, instead of posting actual fanboy comments that aren't relative to the article at hand, you could just look this info up on Wikipedia like I did.

kaos_fish II2576d ago

That's because it is.. Microshit PR passed off as news. They do it all the time.

Watch, as Toy R Us, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon have Kinect on clearance just over a month after it releases.

Next year, Microshit will quietly faze out Kinect and move on to other things.

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nycredude2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

How the heck are Seriously every person and their freaking grandma has a gaming site now.

theEx1Le2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

i dont how they are, why don't you ask them.... i jk.

anyways i think kinect will sell, mainly because its a gimmick, just like the wii was before it

otherZinc2576d ago

Sell through the roof, in a big way!

etownone2576d ago

And MOVE could be the next Betamax

MechWarrior5792576d ago

I might buy kinect if it actually worked but as of now it doesnt. It has already been confirmed by several gaming news sites and even a few 360 sites that kinect doesnt work. If kinect actually worked the microsoft wouldntve staged E3. That is just a sign that microsoft has no faith in their product whatsoever. Will it sell? yes but thats because the general consumer public is stupid and doesnt see behind all of microsofts smoke and mirrors.

moparful992576d ago

Ok think about this, every article written that states kinect works and has hardly any lag was in a controlled environment where microsoft can attribute for every factor, however all of these videos clearly showing kinect doing poorly have been in the real world under real conditions... So all this article tells me is that under the best conditions with plenty of care for how everything is set up kinect works ok, under real world conditions with alot of unpredictable elements kinect lags and doesnt do well at all.. There's going to be alot of dissapointed consumers this christmas...

mac_sparrow2575d ago

etownone 9h ago
"And MOVE could be the next Betamax"

Sadly you may be right, and yet MOVE shares the attributes with Betamax of being better than it's nearest rivals, widely praised and used in the industry, and long-lasting.

Luckily it doesn't share the trait of 'late to market'.
That's why Blu-Ray launched as an unfinished spec, Sony were sick of having the better format and being out of the running before leaving the gate.

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tinybigman2576d ago

is not for me. so i'll just save my $150 and use that on 2-3 great games i want.

Hades13372576d ago

Why would you be so image conscious while playing a game in your own home?

tinybigman2576d ago

Putting in 7hrs for work mon-fri, plus 2hrs of travel time to and from. Why would I want to look like an idiot playing my games when I just want to relax after a long day of work?

Vavoom2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Are you serious, you look more like a fool on N4G after making a weak rebuttal like that. Did you see the guy playing "The Fight" yesterday, did he not look kinda stupid. And his onscreen avatar look even more dumb.

Don't believe, look at the video. Just look at the gamer, now does he look like he is fighting or rock climbing?

theEx1Le2576d ago

people look like fools playing the wii, but over 70 million people still do it.

RememberThe3572576d ago

You are on some different shit. You didn't counter his argument at all. Who said he would rather play Move? All you are trying to do is divert the fact that someone doesn't like the idea of Kinect by saying that Move would do the same thing. Your exactly right that fighting game looks like crap and makes to look like a fool. But Socom doesn't, neither does LBP2. Hell, that sorcery games actually looked kind of cool.

To me Kinect seems pretty lame, but you seem to be enamored with it. And thats cool, I hope you have a ton of fun with it, but don't expect everyone to share your opinion.

tinybigman2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I don't care about The Fight since I don't plan on buying that game. And like I said when I get home I want to relax playing my games. I have a wii and I barely play it and when I do its as lazy as I can. You don't have to agree but that's just me.

@remember thx you for that as I never mentioned Move at all. But now that he did mention it I am playing it for Socom, KZ3, Heavy Rain, and Time Crisis(the first time ill buy one of the TC games)