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Submitted by FanOfGaming 2018d ago | opinion piece

DLC Intended To Screw You: $8 For A Character, Seriously!?

Ironstar: Downloadable content is utilized by Game Developers/Publishers for a variety of reasons, which include keeping you from selling the game to 3rd parties, fixing "broken" titles, and generally milking your wallets. I prefer some forms of downloadable content much more than others. (BlazBlue Continium Shift, PS3, Xbox 360)

Nick212004  +   2018d ago
I agree. If you want to sell characters fine, but don't charge anymore than 50 cents.
FanOfGaming  +   2018d ago
It's ridiculous
Persistantthug  +   2018d ago
No....selling characters this close to the release is not fine AT ALL
This is clearly a money grab and I wouldn't pay 1 red cent.....ZERO.

Stop buying games that do this kind of shit, people.....DO NOT BUY AT ALL!

That's the only way it will stop.
T9X69  +   2018d ago
"Stop buying games that do this kind of shit, people.....DO NOT BUY AT ALL! "

You're telling me I shouldn't have bought MGS4? MGO only lets you have one character, if you want to create another one they charge you like 6 or 7 bucks.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2018d ago
The data for those characters aren't stored ON THE GAME like characters in other games.

It's more like when a person wastes $10 on changing their gamertag.
Megaton  +   2018d ago
Why isn't it on the disc to begin with? Wasn't the whole point of Continuum Shift to add new things?

I love Arc System Works, and BlazBlue is my favorite fighting game of this gen, but this is some grade-A bullshit. I bet even Namco and Capcom are sitting back like "DAYUM! Now that's greedy." Probably taking notes on how to improve their current DLC schemes.
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Darkfiber  +   2018d ago
Kasumi for Mass Effect 2 was $7. So $7 is okay but $7.99 is too much?
Snoogins  +   2018d ago
It's more of an argument on value:
DLC intended to extend the core experience, such as story-etension content, is the kind of content which can be argued to bear a price in that area, though it is rare the quality and value of the DLC matches the price. For instance, we could say the story extending DLC for Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 is worth its price, but $8 for an extra character in a fighting game is NOT.
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blackboyunltd  +   2018d ago
exactly, mass effect 2 gave you a character and added to the story, nearly 2 - 3 hours. Thats worthwhile
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2018d ago
lol and u can use that DLC character a lot more then 3 hours hell its going to take that long just 2 get her basics but yeah it is a rip off
Megaton  +   2018d ago
Kasumi's value is certainly debatable. You get a character, a gun, and a 1-hour mission. I used her in one playthrough just to see what she had to say, but I dropped her after that. She's been collecting dust on the ship in all subsequent playthroughs.

@blackboyunltd - I have no idea how you squeezed 2 - 3 hours out of Kasumi's loyalty mission. I played it 3 times, and I never came close to playing that long. Hour and a half the first time cause I was exploring every nook for items. Under an hour the 2nd and 3rd time.
Snoogins  +   2018d ago | Well said
I hate DLC
Simply because it is being utilized as consumer abuse. Overpriced map packs, character packs, costumes as well as modes and content already on the disc. It's shameful, but alas, it will continue, simply because most consumers have made themselves into cattle with the "gotta have it all!" mindset.

Just a case of a potentially good thing gone terribly wrong.
ClownBelt  +   2018d ago
God...I love your comment. Well said sir.
xTruthx  +   2018d ago
Well.. if people keep buying them :/
thor  +   2018d ago
"Gotta have it all" is right. As gamers, we always strive for 100% completion. It's been drummed into us. So the thought of not having 100% of the content for a game compels us to purchase. We should all try to let go of this.
Capdastaro  +   2018d ago
I want more DLC like Dragon Age, Full blown expansion packs
KillerPwned  +   2018d ago
YES! that game is amazing it just keeps on expanding i still have yet to get the expansion pack.
KillerPwned  +   2018d ago
One thing i did not like about MGO if you lost your account and made a new one on the same ps3 you needed to buy another guy which was ike $6.99 its bullshit. Sometimes people i think can be to greedy not with the mass effect 2 stuff sure if the character has like a added story adding a few hrs of gameplay then yeah that`s deff worth a few bucks. But for something simple and online as like MGO is just wrong.

BTW I`m not putting down MGS 4 or MGO i love MGS with a passion.
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SKUD  +   2018d ago
DLC = No strong value.
HumanStark  +   2018d ago
I don't like charging for characters in fighting games, it causes balance issues. Still, DLC helps games survive the used market and as long as there's actual content, I'm okay with it.
The Great Melon  +   2018d ago
DLC in my opinion is OK when it doesn't change the core of the game. Map packs or clothing doesn't change the main game only how it looks. However, new characters in a fighting game is just wrong. They should have been there to begin with. I want to be able to carry my disc somewhere else and play the whole game on another machine.
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VersusEM  +   2018d ago
You should see BlazBlue, example- they have 1 character dlc that cost 6$, its a good game but come on, for 1 character thats just a ripoff.
Baka-akaB  +   2018d ago
i have mostly negative feeling about dlcs . And i dont find the idea of characters dlc for fighting game suitable at all , as it can easily divide "the have" and the "have not" .

Still i pretty much forgive blazblue's devs in this case . They clearly added a lot for the console , to an arcade version that had already lots of changes (and wich remember was even pirated on pc) , and the game itself was cheap . They crammed a lot already so i can buy the "there was no time" excuse .

Most of all they are a small company wich i feel like supporting .

I'm much more annoyed by the fact that they try to resell old dlc colors from the previous blazblue game , instead of making them compatible like sf4 and ssf4 did
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   2018d ago
yeah they are a small company but yeah i wanted 2 use previous dlc for this game and wish they would let me play my own music.
ExPresident  +   2018d ago
All publishers will continue to provide DLC and while some may be quality, others and plenty of it is only there to milk your wallet for more than they have. This is a goal of any company, to turn a profit, and by releasing DLC, whether it should have been with the original title or not, is the way to do it. These same companies will continue to do so until gamers wise up and start showing what is and is not tolerated by using their wallets to show it.

The way Activision clearly screwed gamers by releasing the $15 MW2 map pack clearly shows we as gamers are not doing a good job voting with our wallets. That or I'm clearly underestimating how good that map pack is, because there is no way in hell I will ever give them $15 for it.
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BeaArthur  +   2018d ago
I just get tired of the nickel and diming DLC. I'll buy new maps for a game I like but don't try and charge me $2 for extra outfits.
kagon01  +   2018d ago
Too bad this fragment of the product is just an extended loan/rent. Once the game finishes its lifespan the fragment won't work anymore...

Lately gamers are dictated how to buy, and how to play "their games".

I will still buy Blazblue CS, but the game better offers online filters so I don't play DLC whores. I don't want to an unbalanced game or a game with an incomplete experience...
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BuIIetproofish_  +   2018d ago
Rockstar did a great job with GTA IV. Both DLC had the content of some full games for $20 each.

Halo did a good job with the map packs. The two forge maps become map makers. The prices also dropped at a fair time.
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ifhd  +   2018d ago
I hate DLC
only dlc i got is Valkyria Chronicles
Snoogins  +   2018d ago
Wish I bought the Valkyria Chronicles DLC when it was on sale for 2.99. Next time it is, I'm picking up all 4 packs.
Redempteur  +   2018d ago
Some dlc are bad some are not good

but makoto was a ok dlc i'd rather have a real dlc with gameplay ( a whole new character ) than to pay stupid dlc like colors or additional music

Besides this is for a fighting game you got half price AND they told everyone before that they were working on them ... ALSO balzblue for a half game price as a LOT of content

7.99 is too much ? in the worst case scénario we 'll get that three time and the game will still be cheaper than a normal release ..

And to finish my point ..this isn't some OLD maps pack , this isn't some recycled stuff , this isn't some unlock .. i'd rather buy that dlc where work was done ON than the stupid map pack from MW2 ...

Also they are patching the balance ... to prevent stupid thing to happen online
serious this makoto is way batter than the shit that happenned with yoda and vader in soul calibur 4
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kagon01  +   2018d ago
I rather unlock a character with my gaming skills than paying for it.
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Redempteur  +   2018d ago
ok now you've lost it's not an unlock it's a new character entirely that is NOT on the original disc ...
kagon01  +   2018d ago
So you're telling me its OK to hold the development of content that was supposed to be in the disc in the first place, and cut it out just like Lost Planet 2 to release an incomplete gaming experience?

There's no point discussing with you...

I'm losing more hope in humanity, this is just sad... :(
Redempteur  +   2018d ago
hold???? hold what ? Do you think burnout paradise content was put on hold ?
do you think wipeout fury was put on hold .. ??
there is cut content ( deliberate ) i hated assasin creed 2 on that aspect ..
I hated the treatment namco did with soul calibur 4 dlcs .

BUt in this case , the perspective changed .. the game is half price.. and the content is not on the disc because they hadn't finished with her in time ..i can understand that.

It's not like i was ripped off ..for half price , BBCS was has MORE content than Calamity trigger .

Every dlc isn't evil .. you have to think a little more .
In fact most of you are funny what bothers you most is the price 7.99 ..had it been 4.99 you would have bought the thing and shut up ...
And nobody can see that the game is half price in the first place ..

that's pure hypocrisy in my eyes ...
Girlgamer116  +   2018d ago
Blazblue: Makoto Is A RipOff!!!!!!!!!!
7.99 for a character without a story mode and you can't
play with her in arcade mode! She should have been
4.99 or less because she isn't worth $8.
jc48573  +   2018d ago
I was wondering
why they were selling the game for 40 dollars. 40 plus 24 dollars (if the other two characters are coming as DLC) is 64 dollars. Wow, thanks Aksys, we are still paying for the full retail price. Ok, you're not being persistent if you did buy makoto for 7.99. We need to do something about this... I wonder if Capcom is going to do the same thing.
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UltimateSin  +   2018d ago
Only for the stupid.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2018d ago
publishers give us more reasons to buy used or not buy at all
why they dont offer better games and value? so many cheap shots at us gamers it sickens me
jc48573  +   2018d ago
you telling me
you can't fit all the characters in one disc. those are some sprites alright. Hey, let's not support aksys just to show em whose boss.
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kagon01  +   2018d ago
Listen to this nice medoly...

"Well that was quick. The DLC character themes already got ripped from the 360 disk." (Valkenhayn's theme)

What does this means??? Why the dlc characters have their own themes INSIDE the disc??? UMMMMMMMHHHHPPP...
Baka-akaB  +   2018d ago
ummm it's a song you can hear for other characters
jc48573  +   2018d ago
Someone needs to write a letter to Aksys
cause this is utter bs.

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