Dead Island comes to PC and Xbox 360...Concept art inside

Dead Island, a new zombie game coming next year for the Xbox 360 and PC takes place on a mysterious island. After a plane crash, you have to hunt through the zombie-infested paradise looking for your wife. The game is said to have amazing damage modeling (think torn flesh, exposed muscles, broken bones), an "artificial life system" that will allow you to take advantage of the instinctive behavior of groups and individuals, an open, non-linear world and the ability to use the world around you as weapons. The game follows the gameplay details in Dead Rising, but this new setting and different publisher should make for a different twist on the story.

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iNcRiMiNaTi3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

its got the same font as dead rising but no capcom....and its an fps view...still looks has a more serious tone compared to dead rising and photography isnt part of the main gameplay...ill wait to see how this one turns out, but its lookin awesome so far

MK_Red3945d ago

Seriously good point. The "Dead" in the title is specially similair to Dead Rising's but it can't be since its from a european dev not Capcom but who knows? When Silent Hill 5 is coming from a western dev, this could end up DR2 but still, highly unlikely.

MK_Red3945d ago

The name is not good but the concept and images look really promising, specially the first one.

Odion3945d ago

no its just a game like it, sounds amazing, I love killing Zombies!

Caxtus7503945d ago

but as far as im concerned its a sequal lol

(i know it has nothing to do with the dead rising game at all)

Looks great! need anothr "dead rising" so here it comeS!

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The story is too old to be commented.